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Success Tips

  • Dress for the position you want, not the one you have.

  • Feeling stressed? Try a news blackout. Use the time you would be watching the news to take a walk, sit quietly, soak in a warm bath.

  • Have to give negative feedback? Ask “would you be willing to listen to my concerns?" That way you're getting permission to give feedback and helping the other person be less defensive.

  • How will you know what success looks like when you reach it? Identify your guideposts and what your ideal level of "making it" looks like. This way, when you reach that goal, you can see, feel, and understand that you did reach it.

  • Getting your resume out? Always use a better stock of paper than your standard white printer fare (faux parchment is nice). This shows that you put thought into every detail and when the hiring manager is flipping through the stack, yours will be easy to spot.

  • Want to ensure your success? Try this: write down your goal and place it in a prominent place. Then list the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

  • If you want to keep your employees happy, keep them active and engaged in the workplace. Make them a part of important projects and decision making. Ask for input, and included them in conferences. This will all make your employees more interested in their work.

  • When you’re trying to accomplish tasks that require concentration and attention, don't engage in multitasking. Only engage in mult-tasking for rote tasks –talking to your friend on the phone and folding the laundry.

  • Want to be more efficient and get more done? Prioritize your tasks instead of jumping from one to the other.

  • Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day. Don't start your day until you complete your time plan. The most important time of your day is the time you schedule to schedule time.


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