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  • Staying Comfortable? Not if you want to achieve your dreams!!!!

    No one ever achieved greatness by staying comfortable. We all have a comfort zone we love being in. It's nice and safe and we reign supreme. The only problem with it is that to grow and learn and achieve our potential and all...

  • 5 Quick Ways to make Money for the Holidays

     I've been thinking about easy ways to make money for the holidays, and here are some tips that may work for you starting right now:

    5) Post your unwanted items for sale on Craigslist or Ebay

    You probably have...

  • Business Infrastructure - for Beginners

    Are you self-employed? just starting out? Are you with a startup? Thinking about freelancing? Doing your own thing "on the side"? Recently laid-off and need a product or service up and running in the next thirty days? You're in business, ladies...

  • Budgeting for Success

    I'm a big fan of monitoring your success "by the numbers," meaning finding a number and tracking that over time, to get a sense of how your project is going.

    For example, in a business, you could track income and expenses per month (...

  • Twelve Ways to Take Care of your Planet

    It's Blog Action Day, and as part of a nationwide movement to encourage the discussion on Climate Change, here are some easy ways you can take care of your "kuleana" (...

  • Family-owned businesses

    I read today about local businesses raising money from their own communities, like through selling "store credit" for $1000 and offering a $500 additional bonus for buying.

    I think this is a great idea.

    We have a family-owned...

  • From Sarah M, on Mother’s Day


    I began thinking about all of the mothers who have inspired me, whose examples and insights and advice have influenced the mother that I have become and am still becoming… and so I wanted to thank you for supporting me and...


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