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12 Things Money Can't Buy

Sun, 11/11/2012 - 8:55pm | by monicadear

  1. Happiness - You can use money to buy things that make you feel better, but you cannot directly purchase happiness.
  2. Health - You can get better healthcare by paying more, but you cannot literally buy health.
  3. Smarts - You can purchase a good education, but you are either born with brains or you're not. You can always improve your chances of developing more "smarts" through self-directed experience and taking advantage of any opportunities that come to you.
  4. Respect - It is impossible to buy someone else's respect. Self-respect also exists beyond money.
  5. Love - Some disagree with me on this. I really don't think you can buy someone's love. They may want to hang out with you more if you take care of them and pay their way, or they may feel more affectionate to you if you buy gifts or pay the rent, but I believe that feelings for someone else exist beyond how much or how little money you spend on them.
  6. Dreams - Dreams are, of course, free, and no one can buy better dreams.
  7. Good Ideas - Ditto. If you're looking for good ideas, you'll have to come up with them yourself. The flip side of this is that if you yourself have a good idea, patent it, and bring it to the marketplace, you may be able to receive money for your good idea.
  8. Drive - As a followup, if you have a dream, you can have the drive to follow through on it --- self-determination, grit, and toughing it out come free.
  9. Dedication - Someone is more likely to stick to their vision if they truly believe in it. You may be able to pay someone to stay on track, but true dedication is priceless.
  10. Talent - Self-explanatory. Someone can take lessons or tutoring to improve natural talent, but you either have this or you don't.
  11. A Conscience - I think a lot of people would want to purchase the ability to clean their conscience, but as we all know, this can only be done through the character-building exercises of apologizing, making things right, and setting the record straight.
  12. Empathy - When we imagine ourselves in someone else's shoes, for just a moment, we gain a better sense of what life looks like to them and what challenges, issues, and joys they have in their day-to-day.

If you're seeking something in your life, and you don't feel like you have enough money, I challenge you to take the Gratitude Exercise, wherein every day for a month, you list out 10 things for which you're grateful. Part of this exercise is to remove any sense of shame and limitation around material possessions and instead focus on the kinds of things that feed our soul and give us true happiness and health. By being grateful for what we currently have in our lives, we can make more room for abundance and plenitude, and a sense of prosperity in our life.

To take the gratitude exercise, publicly list 10 things you're grateful for today. You can do it on your blog, your Facebook status or on our Facebook page, at your LinkedIn account, through Twitter, or in a series of pictures through Flickr or Instagram.

Do this as much as possible over the next 30 days. I guarantee you'll sense a lightening of spirit and an ability to find gratitude in all aspects of your life, from your health, to relationships, your job or workplace, your finances, and your physical environment.

You can do it!

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