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27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home: Virtual Tour With Author Tisha Morris

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by TishaMorris

Join Tisha now as she combines her experience as a certified life coach, with her education as an interior designer and her knowledge of feng shui to help us detach from our stuff.


Many thanks to A Successful Woman for hosting the virtual tour for my first published work 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home.

As you said, today I will be sharing thoughts on how to "Feng Shui Your Desk for Success".

 Let me ask you . . .

Do you feel like your career is in a rut? Or perhaps a raise or promotion is long overdue. Maybe your enthusiasm for your job is at an all-time low. Then it's time to take action and…rearrange your desk? That’s right. By consciously changing the arrangement of your desk, you are shifting energy that can directly impact your job. While it is advisable to feng shui the entire office, you can simply start with your desk.

Paper Clutter. One of the first rules of feng shui to use on a desk is to clean up the space. Clear out all papers that are not necessary and organize those that are. It is often said in feng shui that, “The clutter of the room and the clutter of the soul are intrinsically linked.” If one’s work area is full of clutter, then they will more than likely work slower and have a lower productivity. Keeping papers and pens neat on a desk can ensure that a person can work quickly and effectively. Everything should have its own space -- this includes your desktop and the floor around your desk. To cut down on paper clutter, incorporate files, trays, drawers, bins, etc. At least 50 percent of your desktop should be seen throughout the day. Empty space is good. This allows for a clearer, open mind for thinking and creativity.

Desk Location. The location of the desk in the room is also an important consideration. The ‘power’ position of a desk is facing the door. This is especially important for offices in which people come in and out. Having your back to the door puts one in a psychologically vulnerable position. If this is not possible due to computer cords or other logistics, then the next best would be to have the desk at an “L” to the door. If there is a window in the office, then having the desk face the door and window would be optimal even if it is at an “L” to either the door and/or window. Once you have your desk situated and all of your papers decluttered and organized, then the next step is what to put on your desk. The Bagua Map which is most often used on the footprint of a home can also be applied to any space, including a desk. The Bagua Map is made up of 9 quadrants just like a tic-tac-toe box and is divided accordingly:

 Career: The space right in front of you -- the center, front square of the tic-tac-toe box represents your career. This is a definite section to keep clutter-free. The element is water and the color is black. If you've got a glass top, try slipping an inspiring picture, quote, or affirmation that signifies what you want in your career. You can always just tape it underneath so that it’s not in plain view. As long as you know it’s there, that’s all that matters.

Wisdom: The front, left corner is the wisdom area. Helpful feng shui items to place here are books, anything you are studying and learning, or anything representing higher knowledge or wise people. Blue is the associated color for this area. Any drawers in this area are also included.

Family: The center left-hand side of the desk is reserved for family. This is a great place to put family photos. Wood is the associated element, so wood frames would be great. And green is the color for this area in case you have anything green on your desk.

Wealth & Prosperity: Heading clockwise around the desk, the upper, left-hand corner is the prosperity area. A well-run computer works well in this area or you can use something that reminds you of wealth and riches. It’s also a great spot for a healthy plant, perhaps a bamboo plant. If you have an "in box" you can place it here to represent money coming in. Purple is a great color for this area if you've got any lying around.

Fame & Reputation: It is no wonder that the most common spot to place business cards or a name placard is the same spot for Fame and Reputation. The center back one ninth of the desk is the place to let people know who you are. (This is another reason why you want your desk facing the door!) Red is the best color for this area. And since fire is the element, a candle or desk light would work here as well.

Love & Relationships: The right-hand rear part of your desk is the Relationship corner. This can be used to attract a new relationship or to spice up an existing one. Enhance this area with pink, a picture of your significant other, or maybe a bowl of Hershey's kisses?

Creativity and Children: Now we're at the mid right-hand side of the desk. Got kids? Put them here, preferably in metal frame this time. Or use this space for items, books, or anything that spurs your creativity. Yellow and white are the associated colors.

Helpful People and Travel: This section is the right-hand, center area of your desk and is associated with the color “gray”. It is a great place to keep your address book, iphone, or rolodex. You can also place your accounts receivable list here so the money comes in on time.

Health: The only place on your desk that we haven't covered yet is the center square. This area governs your physical health and balance. Like the home, I advise keeping this area clear so that the chi energy can easily reach all areas on your desk.

So, you may be thinking, “wow, that seems like a lot of stuff on my desk when you said to keep it clutter-free.” And, yes, I would agree. First and foremost, keep the desk clutter-free. Secondly, choose which areas of the Bagua Map you would like to enhance and focus on those sections. Then, you can always use the bottom of the desk and drawers to finish out the Bagua Map. The most important thing to remember is to have an intention with each section as you go along AND to have fun doing it.

  Thank you for having me and I'll see you back here tomorrow on A Successful Woman!


Tisha Morris


Tisha's 27 Things virtual tour continues, May 15, day five of five-day blast on A Successful Woman, as she explores further "Why You May be Having a Sudden Urge to Declutter Your Home?"

You can learn more about Tisha Morris as Life Coach and Feng Shui consultant at her web site


Don't forget to purchase your copy of 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home, by author, Tisha Morris, available now at
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