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3 Ways to Pin Your Way to a New Job

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 9:40am | by Jeska

Pinterest is red hot right now, with millions of people visiting the site every day. While many of those visitors are looking for recipes, home decorating and craft ideas, it’s safe to assume that at least some of them are, if not actively looking for employees, in a position to hire new talent for their organizations.

In fact, while Pinterest may not be the first social media source companies look to for new employees, it should still be a part of your job-search strategy. The fact that Pinterest has so many users and content is easily shared on the site means that information about you and your skills can be spread far and wide, increasing the chance you’ll catch the attention of someone who needs your talent and abilities.

Not sure how to include Pinterest in your job-hunting strategy? Try these three following ideas.

Pin Your Resume

Like most social media sites, Pinterest encourages users to set up full profiles, complete with a personal description, a photo and links to your other social media profiles. Before you start filling a single board on Pinterest, completely fill out that profile. You’re only allowed 160 characters in your personal description, so craft something pithy with descriptive keywords that potential employers would search for, such as “PR professional” or “professional photographer.”

Beyond your personal description, though, Pinterest is an ideal place to post your resume, especially if you work in a creative field such as graphic design. Because Pinterest is a visual site, you don’t want to simply post a screenshot of a standard black-and-white, all-text document. That won’t grab anyone’s attention. Instead, design (or hire a professional designer to create) a visually appealing document that lists your skills and experience creatively. For example, try designing an infographic that encompasses your career’s highlights. Add a link to your Pinterest resume to your other social media profiles and your paper resume to maximize exposure.

One word of warning: Because images are shared with Pinterest users from all over the world and it’s all but impossible to control who can see your images, be cautious about how much personal information you share via a Pinterest resume. Consider creating a dedicated email account and link the image to your personal website or another source where potential employers can contact you securely.

Pin Your Content

While Pinterest cautions users against using the site for blatant self-promotion, that doesn’t mean you can’t judiciously pin your content to share with others. Posting links to your blog posts to share your writing or items you’ve created is completely acceptable. Think of a Pinterest board as an extension of your portfolio and a chance to show your stuff off to a larger audience.

As your blog grows, and you gain more followers, create a Pinterest profile specifically for your blog to share both your content and other ideas that inspire or excite you. While an employer may not stumble upon your boards and contact you out of the blue, showing that your work has been repinnned several hundred times and you’ve attracted thousands of followers indicates to hiring managers you’re comfortable online and have skills that are in demand and appealing.

Follow Career Experts

Most of us use Pinterest for inspiration, so why not use it for career inspiration as well? Start by following leaders in your industry to see what they are excited about and sharing. For example, someone may share an infographic or interesting blog post that helps you shine during an interview or offers a new perspective that will influence how you go about doing your job. On a more practical level, use Pinterest to find ideas on how to dress for an interview or follow well-known career sites and communities to stay on top of the trends and ideas they are sharing.

Again, Pinterest shouldn’t be the cornerstone of your job-search efforts, but it can certainly be a valuable tool in building your online presence and learning more about your industry and trends. So while you’re happily pinning images of your dream house and frolicking baby elephants, consider spending a few minutes to expand your career opportunities as well.

Image by Home Security Concepts ADT Miami from Flickr’s Creative Commons


About the Author: Jeska was an early adopter of Pinterest. When she’s not being a pinsomniac and using the app to keep track of her busy online life, she is a marketing and PR guru.  

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