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The 4 Most Common Christmas Toy Dangers

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 12:40pm | by monicadear


For most families, the holidays are a time to celebrate, enjoy the company of loved ones, and of course eat Christmas cookies. However, it’s important to recognize that the season does necessitate a few precautions, as there are some dangers that can arise during this time for children, particularly with Christmas toys.

To help you create a safe environment, here is a list of the top four Christmas toy dangers:


  1. Strangulation Hazards – With wrapping paper flying everywhere and squeals of delight from children, Christmas morning can get pretty disorderly. However, families with small children should remember that ribbons from presents can easily become tangled and form a safety hazard, so pick up and discard all gift wrapping as soon as presents are opened to keep the area safe for kids. In addition, toys with electrical cords longer than 7-inches and clothing with drawstrings should be kept out of reach of young children, since these cords and strings can pose a strangulation risk. If you’re unsure, look at the manufacturer’s recommended age for the toy.
  2. Toxic Chemicals – Although there are regulations in place to protect against some chemicals in toys, unfortunately they continue to be found in toys that are on the market today, as well as in older toys manufactured before the current regulations were put into place. These chemicals and metals, like phthalates and lead, can cause permanent brain damage as well as developmental issues.
  3. Small batteries – There’s a reason batteries are supposed to be recycled, and it’s because they contain chemicals that can be very harmful to the body. Some toys contain batteries small enough for children to ingest, which can in turn result in severe burns to the throat and stomach as well as intestinal damage and even internal bleeding.
  4. Strong magnets in toys – Magnets may seem harmless, but smaller ones can cause serious injury if ingested, since the magnets can clamp together while in the child’s body, compressing tissues and causing blockages in the intestines. In fact, a recall was just been released on December 10, 2012 for a high-powered magnet set made by Reiss Innovations (aka, specifically because of the ingestion hazards.

While these Christmas toy dangers are certainly things to take note of, by following a few simple steps and using common sense, you can usually avoid any issues and instead enjoy a fun, happy, and safe holiday with your family.


Kara Alcamo is a concerned mother, freelance writer and contributor to the Ross Feller Casey blog. Visit the website to learn more about these medical malpractice attorneys in Pennsylvania.


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