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5 of the Most Successful Career Women

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 2:22pm | by DebbieFletcher

The saying “it’s a man’s world” couldn’t be further from the truth as more and more women are dominating the career market in a range of   fields including politics, entertainment, music and business. Women are regularly topping  lists of wealthiest people, are known across the globe   and are able to use their wealth and fame for good causes.

The idea of female empowerment and the ability to be a career woman while having a family and a relationship is achievable as these woman show:

Hilary Clinton

The wife of a former American president, Hilary is now an accomplished politician in her own right and has held important political roles such as Secretary of State and New York senator.  Hilary even made a bid to become the first female American president but the current president Barrack Obama was chosen instead. Her political views, strength of character and mind and strong following has made her a success across America and she is now known for her own views rather than being a former first lady.

Oprah Winfery

By far one of the most famous television personalities, Oprah started off as a daytime talk show host and her fame and show success quickly exceeded all expectations and she became America’s sweetheart. She was once listed as the most influential woman in the world and was the first black billionaire in the world. Not just a talk show host, Oprah is an actress, producer and a media proprietor.

Beyonce Knowles

Her music career hit unexpected heights when she went solo after Destiny’s child was no more. Being in the most successful girl band of all time gave Beyoncé the platform she needed to become a singer, actress, song writer, fashion designer and entrepreneur. She has sold 13 million albums in the US and 118 million worldwide. Married to rapper Jay Z, the couple are one of the wealthiest in the world and the addition of their baby means Beyoncé really does have it all,

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen began her career as a stand up comedian, which quickly evolved, into a television program and now a talk show. She is one of the biggest television personalities in America and is adored by US citizens. She is most known for her dedication to gay rights and used her television program to announce her own coming out. She is listed at number 51 on the Forbes richest list.

Anna Wintour

The editor in chief for American Vogue is known for her short temper, sharp tongue and attention to detail. She is a fashion influence and celebrities are desperate to be recognised by her in a fashion sense. She reportedly earns $2 million a year. Her attitude and temperament was shown in the book and the film “The Devil Wears Prada” that was written by Wintour’s former assistant.

It hasn’t necessarily been easy for these women to earn their places, a lot of hard work and sacrifice has been made to ensure their positions. But it just goes to show that a dream can become a reality. Having the right people around you and being organised and aware of your commitments and things you need to do is essential. Keep yourself organized with an electronic or paper calendar. By being organized, these successful women have been able to really do it all: travel, raise a family, be a supportive partner and have a good solid career.

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