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5 Reasons to Study Accounting

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

College students nationwide have returned to the classrooms this fall, many unsure of what they are eventually going to major in. If you find yourself in similar place, maybe it is time you consider a degree in accounting, whether you attend classes on campus or want to earn your accounting degree online.

In today's business climate, accounting is about more than just crunching the numbers. As business has evolved, so have the roles of accountants in the business world. Because of this, there are a number of reasons why studying accounting has become a very rewarding career decision.

1. Accounting has become a rapidly growing career field. With the increase in regulation as it pertains to business, there has also been an increase in the staff each company needs to make sure they are obeying those regulations. 

2. There are many different fields open to accountants. Cost accounting, forensic accounting, internal auditing, management accounting and independent accounting are just a few of the rapidly specializing fields that accountants can now experience with a degree in accounting.

3. Many colleges and universities offer online accounting programs which allow you to go to school while still working or spending time with your family. Unlike even ten years ago, online accounting degree programs are now offered at a number of great schools.

4. Accounting degrees can offer great opportunities for advancement. Krispy Kreme, Applebee's and Philip Morris are just a few of the companies where chief financial officers (CFOs) were promoted to chief executive officers (CEOs) over the last couple years.

5. Accounting gives you the necessary education to move in to other areas. When working with accounting, you get to experience a wide array of different parts of a business, making it easy to transition in to another department if you wish.

Beyond these five reasons, having studied accounting can be helpful in many other arenas. Those that have understand money and understand taxes. They understand how to work within the laws and regulations in their industry to maximize profits and minimize losses. They can help a company make good financial decisions. Those are skills anyone in the business of doing business can respect.

If you are considering a career change, or have been told you need to earn a degree to be considered for promotions at work, an accounting degree will help move your life forward. Online accounting degrees can give those with full-time jobs and families an opportunity as well.

Finally, being an accountant can give you the freedom to live your life how you want. There is not one sector of the economy that can get by without an accountant. Whether its government, private industry or even being self-employed, accountants will always be able to find a good, well-paying job.


Jillian Johnson is a professional marketing content writer who blogs on a variety of topics. Follow her @MissWritey.


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