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5 Reasons you Should Reward Yourself When you Reach Your Business Goals

Sat, 09/20/2014 - 9:21am | by Guest Contributor

Today’s woman goes into business for a variety of reasons: the desire to control her financial destiny, the need for autonomy, or perhaps the belief that her service or product will potentially enhance the current marketplace or make the world a better place.

For some, it took many years of planning and preparation before hanging out the “open for business” shingle. For others, this way of life came about “on the fly”. The result of being unexpectedly downsized and uprooted from a day job in the corporate arena.

Though the reasons for taking the entrepreneurial plunge may vary, there’s one undeniable constant: In the words of Donna Summers, “You work hard for the money!”

(In many cases, much harder than when you worked for someone else).

This is all the more reason you should reward yourself for a job well done, and for achieving established business goals along the way.

Let’s look at a few examples of noteworthy accomplishments and benchmarks you might want to consider: Have you recently celebrated a milestone, (1 yr. anniversary, or five or ten)? Did you recently sign on a new, big client? Did you launch a killer website with all the bells and whistles? Hire an assistant? Land your first ten-thousand dollar contract? Move your “office” from your kitchen table to plush quarters? Operate and earn a profit? Celebrate sister!

Here are five reasons to give yourself that celebratory “back-pat” and reward yourself for reaching those business goals.

1. It keeps you motivated. That’s right. Remember how being rewarded for good grades in school kept you on the right path and inspired you? Well, it’s kind of similar--the reward system works at any age. In fact, dieters often use it to continue their path.

2. It makes you feel good. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be something over the top, to have merit or be considered memorable. A reward could be a day at the spa, a new hairdo, a day off your diet, a mini-shopping spree, a book by your favorite author, a dozen roses, or even chocolate. Get the picture here? 

3. Because if you don’t, then who will? In the words of Dr. Phil, “Sometimes we must give to ourselves what we deserve from others. ” Don’t wait for others to validate how awesome you are with their efforts. Make it a do-it-yourself project.

4. You’ll be inclined to work harder. Imagine the possibilities! The bigger your achievements, the bigger your “recognition program” can be. It’s entirely up to you. As time progresses and your finances dictate, you may upgrade your car, or take a cruise, or opt for a big screen T.V., or take your friends on a trip like Oprah!

5. Because it serves as a reminder that hard work pays off! In the words of Brian Tracy, “If you don’t set goals for yourself, you are doomed to work to achieve the goals of someone else. ”

Keep these five tips in mind as you move forward in your business, to motivate you to reach new horizons in your entrepreneurial journey.

Contributor:  Breana Orland

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