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6 Steps to Start a Life Coaching Career

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Jeffrey Sooey

Starting a life coaching career can be difficult. Most coaches have a hard time figuring out where to start and how to do so. Some are afraid to make the necessary investments because of the uncertainties they face. Both new and veteran coaches who want to officially start their own coaching business need to do the following steps:

First Step: Start getting new leads and establishing a relationship with the existing ones. Allocate around 10 hours per week to do this task. It is important to build on your prospects.

Second Step: Prepare and conduct free coaching sessions. It is beneficial for you because it further improves your coaching experience and skills. This is also a great way to attract paying clients.

Third Step: Continue to advance your coaching skills by discovering more strategies and techniques. Find some online sites where you can learn coaching technologies. Try to find out a coaching niche that you are interested in. Focus on this target market. Learn the ins and outs of the niche and use it in your coaching sessions.

Fourth Step: Find the best life coach training program and further your life coaching career. Always apply what you learned either through free coaching sessions you offer or even to your paying clients. Never let your new acquired knowledge go to waste.

Fifth Step: Don’t focus on coaching skills alone. Learn business skills as well. Get training session on sales and marketing since these are vital to the growth of your business. Learn other skills like doing webinars or conducting live seminars. You can also create marketing videos for your business. These additional skills help a lot.

Sixth Step: Apply some online marketing strategies. Set up a sales funnel in your website and gain additional leads. The outcome may not come to you immediately but once these instruments are appropriately set up, you can count on your automatic lead generation instrument. You only have to check and update it from time to time and you can expect regular conversion.

The 6 steps are a great way for you to jump start your life coaching career. You can use these to bring your business where you want it to go. So what are you waiting for? Start now and bring your coaching business to life.

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