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9 New Places to Seek Professional Talent

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

There are some top places where I'd recommend recruiters find top talent. These job board and professional profile sites are a good starting "launchpad" to find savvy and well-trained staff. That said, a more in-depth understanding of your target area will yield you networking associations, user groups and working groups that focus on a specific task or skill area in your region.

1) lilogoLinkedIn - An excellent for generalized search, you can find connections within your existing network. Great for a query of your "warm" network of acquaintances and friends - you may search by keyword and review professional profiles.

2) bologoBranchOut - This Facebook application just reached 25 million users and leverages the power of existing Facebook friendships. Post jobs or headhunt targeted leads through your Facebook network.

3) bclogoBrazen Careerist - Penelope Trunk's well-known career authority site has a wealth of professionals with highly descriptive credentials. Search for your terms.

4) - A massive database of that serves 1 billion job searches per month, the site has keyword and location search. Perfect for posting a job specific to your city, state, and/or industry.

5) rklogoReferralKey - More targeted to solo practitioners and service providers who offer "rewards" if you give them a lead - a good place to find experts by their practice area.

6) prlogoTargeted recruiting sites - Do you need medical professionals? You can find an expert physician staffing agency by using a targeted site with a directory of available professionals. Need financial professionals? A Certified Financial Planner search can help generate good leads. Looking for legal support staff? Start your discovery for legal and para-legals at or

7) - Started by, this is the go-to directory for available jobs in the corporate social responsibility, green and eco-friendly, and sustainability sectors.

8) - Used by many recruiting companies for generic search, you can still find some good applications by posting a well-written, highly specific job description that lists all minimum requirements.

9) cllogoCraigslist - The oldie-but-goodie still works for a more generic search for job applicants within a specific region. Be prepared for a lot of responses!

If you're generating a pipeline of talent, the best place to start is with your own website that focuses on your specific area of recruitment. Bring potential leads to you by requiring a full name, skills list, and/or PDF upload of a resume or C.V.

The best recruitment services keeps in touch with potential leads and develops an ongoing relationship with talented professionals as they work their way through their career. If you offer highly informative and relevant "how-to" instructions for job-seekers, you can also help them present themselves well to potential employers, which makes your job of "matchmaking" easier.

Finally, network, network, network - the more people you know the easier it is to find relevant information on potential jobs, candidates, and trends in your industry area.

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