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9 Tips For Making a Better Life

Thu, 11/15/2012 - 4:03pm | by monicadear

I'm a firm believer in being as passionate as possible about what you do during your daily routine.

Why engage in an activity if you don't feel like it feeds your soul's purpose for being here? Why do something if it runs counter to your sense of freedom, being alive, and enthusiasm? Why do something at all if you're not going to do it as well as you can?

While some may be content to ho-hum their way through life, I'm here to remind you that every single day you're alive is a true blessing and a gift that you get (the present). You have a chance, every new morning, to do something that matters, that you feel great about, that you feel really happy to do, that you feel strongly about --- and you have an opportunity to take action towards those important topics, ideas, and values -- every day!

Where in your life are there parts where you've lost your spark or feel like the embers are dying down?
Do you feel like certain pieces are missing? Here are my sure-fire ways for you to get revved up again:

1) Volunteer

Do you feel like you're missing a true connection with others? Consider giving of your time to a cause that's important to you. At the school, library, church/temple/synagogue, or your community group or local charity: find something that makes you feel good and spend time doing it on behalf of others.

2) Donate

Consider making a list of all the individuals that were important to you, or have affected you in some way from your youth. Then, find an organization that matches each individual and make a donation to that organization. If a teacher was important to you, consider funding a PTA program at that school. If a youth counselor was important to you, give a one-time or recurring donation to that program. If an athletic coach was a great mentor, focus on donating to that sport. Make it a point to practice philanthropy and you'll realize how well-connected we all are to one another.

3) Join

Is there a sense of something lacking in your weekly routine? Join or participate in a group that matches your interests. Meetup is a great place to find topics close to your heart: perhaps you're an animal lover, or like reading, or enjoy the cinema, or are a fan of travel, or you really appreciate fine dining, or you're seeking other mommy-and-me type groups. Get out there with other people and participate in your hobby. We are all human, after all, and we enjoy and appreciate spending time with other like-minded people.

4) Start up a new project

Everyone deserves a space and a time to carve out something important. Perhaps you are a creative and want to do an art piece; or you are analytical and want to do research, or you are tactical and want to build things. Find a group, organization, or place that nurtures your talent and gives you a space to dream -- then come up with something to fill that space. If you dedicate just one hour a day (instead of watching television or playing on the Internet) towards your new endeavor, you'll be 30 hours into your great project after one month.

5) Meet others

Relationships are the "spice of life" and meeting people outside of your comfort zone will stimulate you into thinking about, and understanding, more diversity and variety. You can meet people at work, through friends, or through new organizations. Make some dates for coffee, breakfast, or lunch and start building some new relationships.

6) Exercise

If your health is not good, your entire outlook will not be good. Consider shaping up with an exercise program: run, jog, walk, swim, or do calisthenics on a regular basis and you'll reap benefits with your physical self and you'll feel terrific. It helps to have a workout buddy or someone you report to on a regular basis after you complete your exercise. Make it a part of your routine, and include a focus on heart-healthy foods and less intake of fat, sugar, salt, and non-nutritious options.

7) Declutter

Too much stuff around you will sap your energy and drain your desire to create. If you're constantly having to look at piles of stuff, or if you have too much paper, start getting rid of unnecessary items and develop a system to recycle/toss/re-circulate things that are not important to you.

8) Envision

Develop your dreamboard. This is a list of pictures, ideas, phrases, and values that you post prominently and think upon every day. With it, you gain a renewed focus and an ability to put your brain's efforts towards believing the reality you're envisioning. If you don't build it first "in your mind" you will never be able to build it in reality, so truly consider what your ultimate vision for your life feels, tastes, smells, and looks like. 

9) Enjoy

If you are not enjoying life, consider what you can do to increase your pleasure. With a reason to live, or something to be happy about, you will be more positive and have more zest for your day-to-day routine. What do you enjoy? Find an activity or relationship you are happy to be involved in - and cultivate it.


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