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The Benefits of Call Center Training

Wed, 01/23/2013 - 8:40am | by Helen Hoart

There is nothing worse than to be put on hold when you call a company. The longer I have to wait the more negative my feelings become. We all have horror stories about calling a company and either being thrown into an automated loop or being put on hold for what seems like an eternity.

I’m always puzzled why companies would treat their customers or potential customers like that. Wouldn’t a company be much better served to make sure it had the resources in place to meet customers’ needs? Or at least acknowledge there’s a high volume of calls and allow you to leave a message and a call back number.

On the company’s part it all comes down to a willingness to commit the resources (and why wouldn’t they, call center employees are on the front lines of customer contact?) and to invest in call center training.

In a previous job, I oversaw a call center. The key to success for us was to make sure our call center supervisors were trained in our products and our values. I thought of them as coaches, working with each employee in the center to help them understand what we do. By investing in training our supervisors, we ended up with satisfied and happy staff, who understood the company’s expectations and were eager to meet our goals.  

And we ended up with satisfied and loyal customers. Isn't that goal of every business?

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