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Best Careers for Women in Math and Science

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

Women seeking jobs in math and science are finding high success rates for specialty occupations requiring technical and analytical skills. The fields of math and science are attracting more women each year as the number of female candidates applying for careers in these areas increases. The following details some of the best and most high paying careers for qualified women interested in math or science related fields.

1. Optometrists are the main care providers for visual issues. Typically, optometrists are able to diagnose diseases of the eye, prescribe corrective lenses, or provide visual therapy as needed. These doctors often open their own offices and work from a sterile medical environment. To open an office, a doctorate degree in an accredited four-year program is required. Many schools of optometry are highly competitive and for this reason may be difficult to matriculate into. On average, optometrists earn about $134,000 annually.

2. Orthodontists typically assess tooth and jaw conditions which may lead to poor jaw structure or function. Treatment typically includes working with retainers, braces, or other artificial implements to correct dental malocclusions. This occupation requires an advanced degree at an ADA accredited institution, appropriate certification, and annual fees. On average orthodontists earn approximately $200,000 per year.

3. Political Scientists specialize in a working knowledge of the basis, development, and management of political systems. Among other duties, a political scientist may examine public documents, evaluate civil opinion surveys, or analyze election results.  Jobs in this field are reported to be growing at a fast rate and expectations are that there will be a high demand for workers in this field. Education in history, statistics, and mathematical skills are required and depending on the type of employment pursued a degree is usually necessary. The yearly average wage for this occupation is approximately $115,000.

4. Financial Managers regulate financial reporting, cash flow, and investments. Although smaller businesses may choose to manage their own finances or utilize online accounting programs, larger businesses, organizations, and government institutions all typically hire financial managers. In this field of employment one may operate as a treasurer, banking manager, or finance officer working an average of 50 to 60 hours weekly. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, or finance is usually required for this position, however, most employers value experience over academic education and will hire accordingly. The average annual earnings for financial managers are about $134,000. 

5. Occupational Therapists work with physically, mentally, or emotionally disabled people to help them carry out typical daily tasks. Social skills, patience, and compassion are traits that you must have to perform the duties associated with occupational therapy. Some clients seeking occupational therapy suffer from debilitating conditions that can cause extreme sensitivity to the emotions and attitudes of those around them. It is necessary for occupational therapists to operate from a place of stability and understanding. This career almost always requires a master’s degree, however, one can expect to earn as much as $74,000 depending on where the employment takes place.

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