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Blogging – Long Term Investment, Potentially Amazing Pay-Off

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Jocelyn Anne

Blogging – Long Term Investment, Potentially Amazing Pay-Off

It’s no secret that countless business entrepreneurs, men and women alike, have either started a business through blogging or used blogging to catapult their mediocre business into something both spectacular and often, extremely lucrative.  The “problem” most people face with blogging is that’s it a long term investment.  In terms of you (successful woman), changing the face of yourself or your business, blogging is simply not going to do that overnight.  Or even over the next month.  Chances are good you’re looking at around a year to start seeing a difference and probably closer to two years to really, really hit the payoff.  But, that’s just it: the pay off does exist, and it is within reach, it just takes some time.  If you’re not sure about this, let’s look at some reasons why it could be the next thing to take your success to the next level.

Advertisement Doesn’t Come any Cheaper

There’s no way you can possibly market yourself the same way you can on the internet, and blogging just so happens to cost close to nothing.  The only thing it will probably legitimately cost you is your time, maybe a $100 dollars for some design work.  But, if you were going to potentially try to reach the same numbers in any other way, it not only would cost you a fortune, it just simply wouldn’t be possible.  There’s no limit with the internet.  You can keep reaching, keep marketing, keep promoting, etc., until you decide it’s enough.  And in the meantime?  You can keep your piggy bank filled for things much more fun than marketing. 

You’ve Got Something to Give, Why Not Give It

If you want to be successful at something, then clearly you feel that you’ve “got” something.  And whatever it is that you’ve got that you’re trying to build up, there is naturally going to be others who want and/or need the very same thing.  They want the product you have or they want the knowledge you have.  Blogging gives you the chance to share that knowledge or to share the way in which they can get the product you want to offer.

The Most Personal Arm of Technology

Even though blogging happens in the technological realm, it’s as personal as you can get it.  And, believe it or not, we, humans, still crave that personal connection. We might love ordering a product online and getting it the next day over Amazon just fine, but when it goes wrong, do you think we want to talk to an automated voice? No, we want a real person.  And when we want to buy a product, do we want to see some impersonal recommendation that could be spam for all we know, or do we want to read a review from someone we “know” and trust?  It’s always going to be the latter.  A blog allows you to establish that trust factor; it gives you credibility.  Given time, your reputation will speak for itself and you’ll even be able to recommend things you have no previous direct connection to and still have your readers trust you and follow your advice.

When You Don’t Know where to Start, Start with Blogging

When you have an idea that you want to run with and want to achieve something spectacular with, start with blogging.  It’s free.  It allows you to get your feet wet, and it starts building your portfolio so that two years later when your big chance comes, you have a tremendous foundation already laid.  You’ll learn more than you ever knew because you’re going to have to keep readers satisfied with new content, content you didn’t know before and couldn’t have known now and won’t know until tomorrow when times change.

Success Starts Somewhere

Sure, signing up for a blog today is not going to make you a full time salary tomorrow.  But could it in two years?  Absolutely.  And could it start supplementing your income and spreading your name now?  Definitely.  Could you meet others in your field that could help you find your success?  Of course.  Blogging: it is a long term investment, but it’s also full of potential, and the best part?  You’ve got nothing to lose!

Jocelyn knows firsthand the power of blogging and has seen the benefits from contacts made and knowledge learned in her own work as a blogger for Heater Home.  Even diving into subject matter like a gas water heater has opened doors and taught her how to save money in her own home.

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