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The Business Benefits of Tablets

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:07am | by Jennifer Thayer

When tablets first made their entrance into the tech world, they were mainly viewed as neat devices that were fun to use certain apps. Featuring bigger screens than standard smartphones, but not as large as standard, original iPads, tablets were great for kids as well as gadget-friendly adults.

But in the last couple of years, tablets have become much more than just a fun little device. With advancements in operating systems, tablets have turned into business productivity machines as well. According to NPD Group, tablet sales were 49 percent higher through the first three quarters of 2013 than 2012. Many of those sales can be attributed to the business benefits of tablets.


One great benefit about tablets being used for business is that they are much more affordable than a desktop or a laptop. Many Google tablets for example, range in price from $150 to $300. Many mobile carriers are offering discounts or promotions on their tablets. For example, T-Mobile is currently selling their LTE-enabled tablets for the same price as their Wi-Fi counterparts. The mobile carrier is also including free data to go along with the discounted device.

Access to Apps and Programs

Tablets can access multiple business program applications, software and programs that can certainly increase productivity. There are several business applications that are just as usable on a tablet as they are on a computer, such as Dropbox, which is a cloud-based storage solution, as well as Google Drive and ASTRO File Manager.

If you are familiar with the services of Microsoft Outlook, you can use TouchDown, where you can access your email, calendar, contacts and tasks, just like you would be able to do on Outlook. If you want to create word documents, Kingsoft Office is the Android equivalent of an Office Suite that is compatible with nearly any document.


If you are used to quick typing with an actual keyboard and don’t like using a touchscreen keyboard, portable tablet keyboards can be purchased and installed easily within the device. These keyboards are very affordable and can make all the difference in the world for the touchscreen-weary.

Another great benefit of using tablets for business is the ability to make transactions on it. Money transfers can be done on a tablet as well as credit card transactions, which give both buyers and sellers peace of mind that money is being safely transacted.


Another great benefit is that since tablets are so portable, anything you can do on a computer can be done on a tablet. For the businessperson that is not always in their office, tablets are perfect for traveling either for conferences or note taking for out of office meetings. For all the client meetings, tablets are certainly much crisper than if you were to bring in a bulky laptop with you. If you need to update your company blog, send emails or update your company social media platforms, a tablet can easily conquer the task.

Building Your Reputation

Another positive aspect of using a tablet for business is that you will look a lot more technologically advanced, and from an outsider’s perspective, you might appear to be much savvier in the workplace because of it. This could help increase sales or simply earn more respect from your clients.

When it comes to obtaining a proper and long-lasting business device, a tablet has all the necessary features. Whether you want a device that is affordable, convenient or versatile, there are many business benefits of tablets. 

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