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Business Careers that are Reaching New Heights in 2011

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Writer

The economy is on the mend in 2011 and the job market is back on the rise. If you are thinking about changing careers or are trying to choose your first career path, start your in-depth search right away. The prognosticators of the business world are stepping up with predictions about the top careers for 2011 and beyond. Read this article and others like it to get a rundown of the jobs that will have the greatest growth, best job satisfaction, and most attractive incomes in the coming years. Research the careers that sparked your interest to find out more about the job description, the requirements, and the best places to find work in the field. With a solid career goal in mind, you will be set for success in the burgeoning economy that is on the way.

Financial analyst
As business owners grow more confident in the economic recovery, they will first look for new employees who can help boost them back up and oversee future business developments. For this reason, business and financial analysts are in demand for the coming year.

Analysts help to maximize the resources of a business to increase efficiency. The job is interesting because it can involve so many parts of a company. Business analysts must take a big picture perspective to optimize existing technology and adapt to new information systems. Financial analysts, on the other hand, focus more on budgets and accounting as they seek to minimize expenditures and maximize profits. Every company, no matter the size or field, can benefit from a business or financial analyst. This makes for an appealing career path because you can expect to be in demand and you will be able to choose a company in an area of interest. For more information about business and financial analysis and what makes it so promising, check out Business Analyst Times.

Another interesting career that involves a wide scope of activity and a valuable place in many businesses is logistics. A logistician oversees the movement of goods by managing the supply chain and making sure that everything gets to where it needs to be at the right time. Excellent logistics can make a big difference in a company's bottom line.

Today, everyone knows the importance of logistics for oil companies, and they tend to offer the best salaries. Logisticians, however, can find work in a number of different fields because their skills are so wide-ranging and valuable. If you are interested in following raw materials all the way through the manufacturing process until they reach customers, you will love logistics. If you enjoy solving problems and working with details, then you have the abilities to be skilled in this field. Some business schools offer an emphasis in logistics, and you will need specialized training and certification to maximize your odds of joining this career. 

Management Careers
Careers in management will also be on the rise in the coming years. As businesses expand to previous levels and beyond, they will need managers to organize resources and labor, set goals, and ensure quality in new areas. Management is great because it is so broad. Companies have management positions in human resources, operation management, and strategic planning. You can also take management skills to any industry that strikes your fancy. Healthcare is a huge and growing industry that provides a lot of satisfaction for successful managers. If you love sports, specialize in sports management to work behind the scenes at your favorite sporting events.

Managers are well compensated in their fields and enjoy good job security. They also develop skills that are applicable to many business jobs. Most jobs above entry level will involve some management, even if you only supervise a few employees. Management skills give you a leg up on the competition if you decide to try a change of pace in your career. Many managers now start out by earning a bachelor's degree or master's degree in business management. You'll hear about notable managers who started at the bottom, but a quality degree leads to a faster climb up the company ladder.

These careers are great because they allow entry into so many different fields. But what fields are going to grow significantly in the future? A promising manager or logistician does not want to get stuck in a floundering industry. You want work experience in an important and growing area of the business world. One such area is green energy. Oil prices are increasing, alternative energy sources are developing, and the public is becoming more environmentally aware. Green industry is receiving increasing support from the federal government as well. Gaining experience in a developing field is a great way to build a resume working on the cutting edge. Combine a growing industry with the viability of 2011's top jobs to create a rock solid career.

About the Author: Cindy Thompson is a freelance writer who specializes in personal finances and small business. From car insurance or auto insurance to taxes, Mitch educates readers so that they can achieve success.


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