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Is a Business Degree Really Worth It?

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

The short answer to this question is: YES!  It is always worth your while to expand your mind, embrace knowledge, learn new skills, and earn a degree.  Many employers don’t necessarily even care what you have a degree in (although, of course, a related field is generally preferable).  They just want to know that you have the intelligence and responsibility needed to complete a degree program (and take a job seriously).  Of course, specific professions will have requirements concerning education; doctors, for example, have to obtain a medical degree and license to practice, while lawyers must pass the bar exam.  But when it comes to a business degree, you may find that a lot of doors open to you once you have that piece of paper.

The blessing and curse of the business degree is that it is such a broad category.  It used to be that a business degree, in and of itself, was suitable for management in a wide range of professions spanning multiple industries.  And while that is still largely true, a run-of-the-mill business degree just won’t get you as far these days as it used to.  Companies looking at potential employees want something more.  They want specialization.  So if you decide that a business degree is the way you want to go, you will almost certainly have to choose an area of emphasis within your degree program if you want to expand your work opportunities upon graduation.

For example, many businesses these days want to hire people who are good with communications.  The field has expanded rapidly within the last couple of decades, so that there are now a lot more ways to communicate than there used to be.  Just thirty years ago, businesses really only had two methods of talking to business partners: they could either call them or meet up in person.  Even cell phones were still in the virtual Stone Age.  Today, it is a very different story.  The internet has changed the business landscape and people now communicate with partners across the globe via email, text, and instant video chat, both in office and remotely.  And that’s not even getting into the type of advertising that can be done through social networking.  In short, it’s a brave new world where communications are concerned, and most companies need someone who is on the cutting edge of that type of technology.

And that’s just one area that you may choose to focus on when you get your business degree.  There are literally dozens of options that could help you to narrow your field and become the expert that companies are looking for.  In this way, too, you can ensure that you end up doing something that you love.  The world of business is wide open and you have a lot of choices when you consider where you might want to go with such a degree.  By choosing one or two areas of specialization, you can influence the direction your career will take by making yourself more attractive to certain industries or types of job.  So while a “business” degree is great, you can make it really work for you if you take the time to explore various specializations within the program.


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