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Careers Outside an Office

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

The traditional office cubicle has become a tired trap for many individuals. Many people would like to get out and experience new locations and more autonomy, yet may not realize what else is available. There are options, from travel nursing to truck driving, all of which allow space to move around and be independent.

Traveling Salesman

The traditional traveling salesman is still in very high demand despite the rise of the Internet and increases in other technology. Having the ability to put a person in the field who can meet the client face to face is critical for many businesses. Those willing to travel can find positions with varying percentages of travel involved. For those with the true sales calling, the idea of meeting an unknown prospect, making the introduction, the pitch, and then closing the deal is one that keeps the adrenaline pumping. The opportunity to get into new areas and build longstanding professional networks allows the traveling salesman to apply their trade in a manner that appeals to their persona.

Airline Attendant

Few occupations travel as much distance on a regular basis as an airline attendant. With the ability to be on the East coast in the morning, and the West coast by evening, flight attending offers the ultimate travel experience for those wanting to get out and explore the country. With the option to stay domestic or work international flights, slight attendants have the ability to travel to exotic foreign locations while being paid for the travel.

Local/Near-Local Distributors

Products must get from the warehouse to their destination. Distributors are involved in moving the smaller loads from the warehouse to the individual locations. Distributors may have a small local or larger geographical route they are responsible for servicing. Often on the road the majority of the day except when loading and unloading, the distributor has a high degree of flexibility when it comes to how they handle their day to day workload.

Long Haul Driver

Somewhat similar to the distributor is the long-haul driver. The trucking industry is in high demand and offers individuals the ability to stay out of the office and enjoy the open country. With the high degree of autonomy and the ability to live on the road, this is an opportunity for the true adventurer.


Nursing is a hot field to get into these days, with the demand far exceeding supply. Qualified nurses can find their skills valued at prestigious hospitals that are willing to pay well. For those who are skilled and want to make extra cash or just not be tethered to one location, travel nursing is a great opportunity. These nurses have a large degree of control over their location and future in the profession. Travel nursing is an opportunity to travel to areas they might otherwise not have the resources or time to visit.


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