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Challenge: 40 Things to Accomplish by Age 40

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by monicadear

I'm inspired to create a list of 40 things to do by age 40. Some of these items are from my existing visionboard, and some are specific items I'd like to complete.

If on the day of my 40th birthday, all these items are crossed off, I'll be pleased. I'll dream big in the hopes of winning big.
Reach for the stars, and catch the moon.... and all that.

Here, in no order, are my 40+ things to accomplish by age 40.

A) Health & Wellness
Marathon #3 - I participated in my first 1998 (San Diego Rock 'n' Roll) and another in 2007 (Honolulu) and am looking for the next one
Kayaking trip - Huntington Lake was beautiful this past summer. I'd like to do a version where we pack and go for a few days.
Gym 4 days a week - this helps me feel really strong and healthy

B) Education & Learning
Learn Morse Code, relearn Braille alphabet, or learn semaphore flags - for communication in case of emergency, and for overall general knowledge. I think learning ham radio would also be something to put on the list.
Play didgeridoo - this has been on my list for quite some time
Be able to have a full conversation in French - I had passable French years ago. Needs work.
Receive CPR Training recertification - again, for emergency

C) Relationships
Stay happily married  - I love my husband and appreciate him in my life
Hug my children daily - I got this kind of love and want to share that with my children/all children
Visit all grandparents as frequently as possible - plan out the trips and then I know when we'll see them
Tell my friends & family how much I care about them - it's important to me to learn how to share
Establish monthly women of vision and action dinner - started this last week, "never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world" - Margaret Mead

D) Work and Career
Current partnership projects reach profitability - This is also very important to me. I am meditating on my business partners and believing that our shared projects do well.
My projects pay for all my family's needs - food, shelter, clothing, health, savings, supplies, education, personal development, trips & any extras
I have ample time to do everything I feel I must accomplish - related to my visionboard statement of "I control my time and use the hours of the day wisely"

E) Extended Travel
Stay in Paris - 2 months
Visit/Extended stay in the Philippines - 3-6 months
Visit Great Pyramids with the kids - I loved Egypt and I think the children would be old enough to appreciate the history and culture

*To put onto 45 things by age 45 -- visit Yakushima forest in Japan, Antarctica, and trip to outer space

F) Personal Development
Meet at least one more good friend - I'm so happy to meet people who I can share life with
Read at least two books each week - establish the habit, this has been more or less my pace 
Take dance classes - Zumba on Fridays, or maybe ballroom dance?

G) Spirituality
Practice gratitude daily -  I appreciate everything in life through constantly giving thanks
More clarity, consciousness, ability to really use my intuition - this has served well in the past and helps guide and direct my decision-making. I'd like to be able to know, right off the bat, what to do in a situation.
Create time for meditation every day - clears the mind, stills the spirit, soothes the soul, provides nurturing, opens the channel

H) Possessions
New Macbook
McFarland Designs ring
Pandora Bracelet

I) Finances
Debt-free - I don't owe anyone money
Money in the bank ($1M) - I have a version with my bank statement Photoshopped, so I can see it and begin to truly believe it
Start angel fund for women entrepreneurs - requires education and training prior to investment, plus ongoing support and coaching
10% to charitable causes - probably related to arts/culture/film and entrepreneurship/social change

J) Nutrition
Consider going vegan for long life and health - start with Meatless Mondays
Eat more organic produce and whole foods - pay attention to what my body needs

K) Community Building
Fulfill my duties as community rep at the elementary school
Support 5 more women through Kiva Fund

L) Exterior Environment
Put together a plan for my dream house
New sofa from Room & Board

M) Creativity
Watch "The Godfather"
Start painting
Classical music radio show - create the outline & possibly tape 3-5 episodes
Learn another Chopin piece

N) Philanthropy/Legacy
Support STEM organization for science, technology, engineering, math appreciation
Support College to Career website geared at high school juniors/seniors
Start tree-planting program

Generate vision/values statement for how to best navigate the next 40 years


There are more than 40 items on the list because I've always had good luck with being able to check off items on lists, plus more items give me more options and more flexibility in case things change or my priorities shift ;-)

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