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Changing Career Paths? Check Out these Options!

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 11:17am | by jennaleesmith1

Are you a "hands-on" kind of woman? Do you enjoy working with people, helping others and enjoying the fruits of your labor? If so, we just might have the career for you! If you're interested in changing professional paths, keep reading to discover well-paying, fulfilling career options that are best-suited to women like you. 

Medical Professional

If you like making a difference in the lives of others, a career as a medical professional could be perfect for you. And the best part about choosing a career in the health industry is that the options are virtually endless. For example, a few popular options among women include pediatrician, nutritionist, physical therapist, registered nurse, obstetrician and respiratory therapist. Even better, the pay is highly competitive and you could find a job practically anywhere!

Mental Health Professional

Gone are the days when psychotherapy was taboo and available to only a select few; these days, people are flocking to the couch in record numbers, which means the opportunities for employment and advancement are huge. You also have a choice between working in the public sector or in a private office, as well as the option to specialize. You could choose to work with children, the elderly or other interest groups, or simply serve the general population. What's more, the pay is great, as are the feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment that accompany helping others. 

Massage Therapist

Do you like working with your hands? Do you prefer to spend your time in calm, soothing environments? If so, a career as a massage therapist could be right for you. Massage therapy allows for a broad number of options, as you can freelance, open your own business or find employment in a spa, salon or other establishment. And, yes, the average massage therapist's salary is competitive, especially for those who choose to freelance or open a business. Other benefits include flexible hours, a comfortable work environment and helping clients relax, relieve pain and much, much more. 


If cooking is your passion, consider taking it a step further and becoming a chef. And while this field is traditionally dominated by men, female chefs are turning out in droves to wow competitors and diners alike with their skills and technique. Plus, in addition to competitive salary, chefs enjoy benefits like creative expression, working with others and sharing the joys that only good food can bring. So, if you enjoy working under pressure and getting creative with foods and ingredients, a career as a chef could be just the thing you're looking for. 

Social Worker

It takes a special type of person to become a social worker. Dedicated to helping others through difficult times in their lives, social workers have to be tough, committed to the service of others and, most of all, compassionate. If this describes you, social work could be your key to a happy, fulfilling career. And given that most public institutions, including schools, hospitals, correctional facilities and more, employ social workers, you'd be afforded significant opportunities when it comes to specialization, work environment and more. 

Fitness Instructor

A career as a fitness instructor is the perfect fit for ladies who love working out and sharing their fitness knowledge. When it comes to employment opportunities, fitness instructors have numerous options, including freelancing, opening a private business and working in gyms or spas. Even better, you could pick and choose what types of classes you'd like to teach, as well as enjoy flexible hours and helping others. So, if you love staying in shape and keeping abreast of all the latest exercise trends, a job as a fitness instructor could give you the sense of professional satisfaction you need and deserve. 

If you're dissatisfied in your current career and are looking for a change of pace, let go of your fears and embrace the change. With the options listed here, you can find a fulfilling, stable career that will allow you to make money while finding professional happiness. Good luck!

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