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Computer Science: Females Included

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

When you think of female-dominated college majors, computer science isn’t likely to be at the top of your list.  This is largely because associated fields like IT, engineering, programming, and so forth are populated with men.  But the tide may be turning for this predominantly male degree program as more and more women enter the field.  In fact, some of the best colleges in the nation are reporting that the number of female applicants for these programs is on the rise.  Harvard, in particular, noted that the female presence in the major nearly doubled in the 2010-’11 school year (jumping from 13% to 25% in just one year).  And other top schools are mimicking those findings.  Even those women who attend the best online colleges are turning to this growing and lucrative field for major study.  It’s no surprise when you consider the many benefits to be gained from such a degree.

Just because most women would rather bedazzle their smart phones than program their content doesn’t mean that they can’t get a toehold in computer-related industries.  In fact, many women are coming to realize that a degree in computer science can practically guarantee a job upon graduation simply because it is one of the few fields in which jobs are not only available, but growing (plus, there’s a little thing called diversity that most businesses are trying to embrace, and females fill a big part of that quota).  With the global economy struggling to recover from recession, any industry that is offering work is starting to look fairly appealing, even to those who might not have looked twice even a few years ago.

And women definitely bring something to the table.  Computer science has long been held to primarily populated by men; geeky men, to be specific; socially awkward men, to be totally blunt.  Of course, this is just a stereotype, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to throw a little fresh blood into the mix.  Women have different ways of approaching and solving problems, and they perceive the world in a way that is often foreign to men.  So placing females in a largely male workforce is a great way to help any field expand and gain new and unique perspectives.  Plus, with more women embracing technology and becoming interested in using it without the aid of a man, it would behoove the industry to get the input of female employees as a way to meet the needs of a growing demographic.

In addition to all of that, women stand to earn a pretty good living with a degree in computer science, both now and in the future.  This growing industry doesn’t look to stop its rapid expansion any time soon and as women in the field become more knowledgeable and experienced they are bound to realize newer and better business opportunities.  Who knows, you could even start your own business by creating the next major social network or mobile device.  And you can also use your degree as a way to get a foot in the door in many other industries, most of which would welcome the skills a computer science major can bring to their team.

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