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Creating An Empire

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 3:22pm | by Guest Author

The natural evolution of a business suggests that, as it expands, its presence in several different locations will help develop that growth even further.

Not only does this allow a wider range of clients to access the service or product being made available, but it also benefits the company by widening the net when it comes to the search for talent.

Opening satellite offices is a great way to make sure that your reach into the market is extended, while also ensuring you have a better chance of having the best people around the country working for you.

Team building

However, one potential challenge when operating satellite offices away from your main headquarters is to ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction. A focus on making sure that everyone across the company has the same overall objective and is working to the ethos and values of the business is very important for continuity.

Teleconference meetings are vital tools when it comes to communicating those messages. One great feature is that they give the chance for real multi-office coordination, with brainstorming sessions allowing teams from across the country (or even the world) pull together to put ideas into one pot which would benefit the business overall.

Holding weekly sessions like this certainly won't do any harm and you'll be surprised at the results which can be created through regular meetings of this nature. While every office will be functioning under the company banner, each individual community is bound to develop quirks or different ways of doing things which can be used to the company's advantage.

Team ethos

One important thing to bear in mind when managing offices across a range of locations is making sure that, regardless of where that site is based, the overall culture and ethos of the business remains the same throughout.

If you're building up a firm's reputation as one with great customer service, for example, then the elements that ensure your clientele come away happy need to be instilled within every member of staff. This consistency throughout cannot be underestimated, as one below-expectation experience from a customer could potentially leave a mark that is difficult to erase.

Conference call facilities can also be used to host regular team training sessions to ensure that your vision for the company is effectively employed within every worker at the company.

Building for the future

Making sure that this ethos exists within employees can actually start at the earliest stage of their career within your firm.

From interviews to inductions, teleconferencing can be used effectively so that the people who know exactly what the business is all about can get their message across, irrespective of where they are in the country.

By having someone from the upper tier of management communicate in such a way with those who are just starting out at the company, firms can do as much as possible to ensure that the settling in period is kept to a minimum, with expectations and early guidance being made clear to new colleagues.


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