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Design Tips to Revamp and Revitalize Your Home Office

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 10:14am | by jennaleesmith1

A business is only as organized as its owner. Therefore, wherever you work, it’s absolutely essential to work in a clean, open, professional-looking and organized space. If you’re looking to revamp your home office with creative, colorful decor and professional organization,  here are a few tips that will surely redefine your perception of a home office.


To make your office YOURS, you personalize it. Your stationary and return address labels shoud have your imprint.  Find stylish custom labels with your name and address. And why not add  personalized embossers to make your mark on important documents.

By personalizing your office and items with your name and address, you create a sense of authority - which can  have a positive affect on your work and your customers’ perception of your business.


The Organized Workspace

When redecorating your home office, strive for a clean, organized space. Make sure you organize your home office so that everything has its place, an area for storing, working and if you need it, an area to set up meetings with your clients. Not only should you organize your working space, but your documents, files and supplies. 

Color Schemes

Just because it’s  a home office, doesn’t mean the colors and décor have to bland. . Check out decorarting websites and click on home office to get some ideas on how to  implement fresh and interesting color schemes  for your home office. Your work environment can combines a sense of style and fun yet still exudes professionalism. 

Most interior designers have boldly colored home offices, some coated with tints of seafoam green, dazzling vermillion, bright yellow and mountain gray. If you plan on coloring your office wall, try experimenting with color and space. Certain spaces could be closed off from the rest of the room, so why not use a different, contrasting color to add a splash of boldness to your workspace?


Looking to organize your files? Wooden cabinets are the solution to house all of your important documents and still give you  some flair. Unlike metal file cabinets and plastic bins, wooden cabinets can be coated with color and designs that can enhance the ambiance of your professional space. It’s also serves as great storage space!

Designs in Space

Workspaces are not meant to be cluttered or monochromatic! Spice up your home office by implementing techniques that help with the overall ambiance. To open up your space, why not introduce colorful carpets, mirrors and end tables that create the illusion of a larger office. Don’t skimp on the color! Also, remember to accessorize your space with plants, lamps or even a mini- bar (filled with water and juice, of course).

Inspirational Decor

Every home office should represent your own personal style. This is why, it’s best to have something in your office that best embodies your professional goals and aspirations. 

I recommend an inspiration board, which can be a linen pinboard where you can stick pictures, inspirational quotes, press clippings or anything that defines who you are as a professional. Having an inspiration board in your office helps you maintain a positive  outlook and energy through the ups and downs that will no doubt arise while you’re running your home-based business.

Whether you’re working from your den, a room in your home or even your garage, it’s still very important to personalize your space and keep it organized.  This way, you’ll be able to live in a stress-reduced environment and build your professional image, which will no doubt help your home business flourish.

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