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Do Women Have An Advantage Over Men In The Intuitive Era Approaching Us?

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest (not verified)

There seem to be several issues forcing their way to the surface: one is the concept of the balance of male and female energy in both men and women. Secondly there is the emerging role of the woman in society and, third the nature of the changing energy nature of the energy fields we are all living in.

Some could make the argument that we have been living in a world dominated by the  masculine energy of competition, left brain logic, and “might makes right.” However, other forces are now moving to the forefront that will require the development of our feminine intuitive cooperative side. Since men and women both have to balance these masculine and feminine sides of themselves, will women have an advantage?

While women naturally may be more at home with the feminine energies, will they take the leadership risks, a traditionally masculine characteristic? 

For example as technology speeds up our interconnectivity, there will be less time for debate and linear thought. Intuition will be required. Women have long been considered to live more comfortable intuitively, while men have traditionally been the deciders, the doers. So how does this work out? Will women be inclined to take the same degree of risks men have assumed? 

Dr. Kerry Monick has suggested that historically within relatively recent times the patriarchal religions of Judaism, Islam as well as Christianity suppressed the goddess/feminine. The feminine was worshipped in many cultures and times. For example in Neolithic times fecundity, fertility of crops, and creation were the domain of the feminine and apparently displaced in these more recent times. Ishtar, the goddess of Babylon symbolized fertility, love, war and sex. In Wicca the Queen of Heaven is like Isis or Nut. Maybe the last great act to stamp out feminine power in the western culture was burning witches. Now beginning with various women’s movements culminating in their gaining top positions in government, business, education and the military the trends maybe suggesting, “yes.”

For example as we migrate from the industrial revolution to the information age, the shift moves away from heavy lifting in the physical sense to heavy lifting in the cerebral sense: education is the portal. More women are earning bachelor degrees than men according to If this continues, women will increase their presence in the stronger leadership positions of the future.

Will this change the way the world is eventually run?

That leads to the second issue which is the balance of female and masculine energy in men and women, the so called right brain versus left brain dialogue. The environment, the meltdown of economies, the increasing divide in wealth, the race towards singularity, all are mindboggling. Every person I know when asked “Do you see this phase we are in as just another cycle or a huge watershed of some kind,” opts for the latter. 

In effect the complexities and rapid change are forcing the development of the right brain, the feminine side, the one that puts us in touch with our collective unconscious.  As we see this happen the outer world will reflect this pattern. Currently, for example, we are seeing changes in Egypt not by the masculine energy of a military coup, or bloody revolution, but by the feminine energy expressed in a relatively peaceful uprising of the masses. 

In our need to balance the male and female aspects from the masculine dominance, women are more at home here, but men can see that this is the new territory and will make an effort to adapt.  In the outer world we are all being asked to become more holistically fit,   more responsible, more discerning about what is healthy or not. We are all moving towards being global citizens now. Melting ice caps and nuclear bombs simply cannot favor a winner.

SandySimsGiven all of this will women become more predominantly the new leaders?

I think the answer can be found in the spiritual emergence over the last several decades. I personally have attended a wide variety of seminars where the underlying theme has been the promotion of self-awareness and self-empowerment. These are the necessary leadership characteristics of the future: much of our culture is expressed in the need for control by one group of people over another and the use of fear to keep people in check.  This expression is dying.  When I looked around at the attendees, there were usually many more women than men. They seemed to be more aware and hungrier for this information. 

In the final analysis I feel the world is seeking more feminine energy to ultimately achieve a balance, and women will lead this change.


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