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Effective Leadership Traits

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Writer

What are some ways you can be a better leader?

This is a question many business owners and managers should take time to ask themselves. You may have heard that some individuals are “born leaders,” but most good leaders are molded by education and experience. If you desire to move your business forward, there are some practices you need to implement in your professional life.

Lead by example and show up to work on time

You can expect others to be on time to work, but if you consistently come in late, don’t be too surprised if your employees begin to follow in your footsteps.

Give a full day’s work for a full day’s pay

Most people are aware of times when salaried employees take inappropriate advantage of their situation. This can create a serious problem when an office employs salaried personnel as well as hourly staff. Just because you or others don’t have to punch a time clock doesn’t mean that less working hours are expected. Monitor yourself and your staff to make sure everyone is being honest about their work time.

Expect no less of yourself than you do of others

When you hand out assignments, don’t forget yourself. Let your employees know that you are as responsible for getting the job done as they are.

Use company resources appropriately

Taking home company supplies is stealing. You wouldn’t tolerate thievery in employees, so don’t practice it yourself. Also, avoid making and receiving personal phone calls during business hours as much as possible. Emergencies happen, but dealing with whether or not your kids took out the trash can wait until you’re on a lunch break, even if you are the boss.

Treat employees equally and don’t show favoritism

You might have people you like and appreciate more than others, but you need to keep workplace relationships professional. Everyone will get more work done and do a better job of it too.

Take time to listen to your employees

You can learn a lot from the people you supervise if you will pay attention to their constructive comments. You don’t have to implement everything that is suggested, but at least be willing to take employees’ opinions into consideration. You might be surprised by some comments, and you may discover situations you were previously unaware of that call for changes need to be implemented. A positive workplace will engender higher productivity.

Attend training opportunities as needed and required

No leader is ever finished learning how to be a better boss. You will never reach the pinnacle of leadership skills, so keep educating yourself as much as possible.

Give your employees leadership training as well

Each person in your organization, no matter the size of your business, can benefit from opportunities designed to help them become a better leader. As your business grows, you will want to move some employees into management positions. That responsibility will be easier if you’ve already invested time and money in training your staff to step up to the next level. Being an effective leader means knowing how to identify the leadership qualities in your employees and put them to the best use.

As you can see, these ideas are all practical and achievable. When you put your best business foot forward, your employees will see you as a responsible leader who deserves their loyalty and respect. The attitude you project will ultimately be the attitude that comes back to you. Make being an effective leader a priority and enjoy the results.

About the Author: Kyle Mortensen is a freelance writer for Tektronix. Tektronix is a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment like a digital multimeter or a mixed signal oscilloscope.

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