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Essential Tech Products for the Modern Business Woman

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 11:16am | by Guest Contributor

The modern business woman needs technology that works quick and intuitively, without costly glitches. Luckily, technology companies are more than up to the challenge. The information age has transformed the way we conduct business, from how products are marketed and advertised to how they are manufactured, and even how customers purchase from brands.

Here are a few of the essential technology products any modern business woman must have in her toolkit.

First and foremost is the laptop computer. Modern business is no longer relegated to offices, but occurs wherever people are. You work on the road, at home, and even over lunch, and sometimes have to connect with customers and associates all around the world regardless of where you are. That means a great laptop, and if you're not going to go with an Apple offering, check out the HP Probook. It's much less expensive, but comes packed with more than enough memory and processor speed to get the job done. Head to to find incredible deals bundling Probooks with all the accessories you'll need. And make sure you get yourself a professional carrying case as well. It's not a tech product, but you must look good while toting the hardware around.

As a modern business woman, you'll also need an even more portable computing option. The iPad is a great tablet, but again is pretty pricey. Check out the Nook Color by Barnes & Noble for a more affordable and still effective tablet. It will give you access to digital copies of thousands of business texts, and will let you hop on the web in a pinch if you can't have your laptop with you. Of course, the Nook Color could be unnecessary if you get the right smartphone. Consumers love their iPhones, but the HTC Evo is a much better option for business. It's super fast and highly customizable, and for a low monthly rate you'll have unlimited voice and data service. The app market is just as solid as Apple's, giving you thousands of available apps designed to streamline anything you do while on the job.

When you have a big meeting at the office, you need the right technology to wow those in attendance and sign the deal. So check into some higher end projectors for the office. The Epson PowerLite Pro is a pricey but incredible option, offering ease of use while simply integrating into your laptop for video or PowerPoint presentations. It will make anything look super crisp, giving a polished, professional feel to your important meeting. Another great meeting option for iPhone users is the Mikey, a plug-in microphone that delivers the crispest sound you've ever experienced. So if you ever need to conduct an interview, record a pitch for educational purposes, or take notes on the fly, plug the Mikey into your iPad, iPod or iPhone, and enjoy the highest quality recording available on the market. But don't worry; it won't smudge up your screen protectors.

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