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Great Gift Ideas for Female Executives

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

The growth of female executives in the workforce has greatly increased over the last several decades, so that now they are nearly as prevalent as their male counterparts in offices around the world (or at least they have a marked presence where there may not have been one even as recently as your parents’ generation).  And while people at every level of the corporate world are learning how to deal with this development and the many changes (and benefits) it brings to the workplace, it can still be difficult to determine the best way to treat female executives.  They are equal to men, for certain, but that doesn’t mean they are the same.  And when it comes to getting a gift for a female in the workplace, it’s not always easy to determine what is appropriate and what will be appreciated.  

So here are just a few ideas for you to consider:

1. Spa day.  Female executives are a busy lot.  Many have chosen to take on the dual roles of career woman and mother.  And even those that are simply tackling the former are likely still dealing with stress and time-management issues.  In short, these women may not be making time to take care of themselves and get a little R&R.  So there’s really no better gift you can give than one that is made to pamper her, and her alone.

2. Tablet.  Is there any better modern gift for an executive than one of the many tablets on the market today?  These mobile devices are great for the exec that travels frequently because they can carry both entertainment for a long flight and necessary files for work.  If you don’t have a large budget, consider Amazon’s Kindle Fire – at $199 it does a lot for a little.  Otherwise go all out with the cream of the crop: the iPad 2.  It’s not cheap at a starting price of $499, but it comes with all the bells and whistles that others lack, along with an estimated 140,000 dedicated apps (not to mention those for the iPhone that may be compatible).

3. Briefcase.  While this gift may not seem terribly personal, it is 100% practical for absolutely any executive level employee, female or otherwise.  The only caveat when buying this essential item for a woman is that it should not look like something a college professor would carry.  Seek out items that are professional but still have some feminine flair, like a stylish color or finish (red faux croc = fabulous!).

4. Photo frame.  If you want to get something slightly more personal but not too familiar, a photo frame is a great gift.  Most female executives like to keep a few personal touches around their office and an elegantly framed photo of family or friends can help to remind them why they are working so hard in the first place.  Even the woman that won’t put it on her desk can use it at home.

5. Gift certificate. While you might get money clips, business card holders, or a nice watch for male execs (and you can certainly get some of these items for women, as well) you may want to hedge your bets by letting the lady exec in your life get the gift she really wants or needs.  If you have some knowledge of a woman’s personal preferences, you could opt for a gift certificate for a shop you know she likes.  But if you want to get her something that is purely professional, consider a gift card for a site like Tiger Direct or Newegg where she can find the equipment, software, and tools that will make her professional life easier.

Breana Orland is a contributing writer for the Executive Gift Shoppe where you can find a bevy of great gifts for the professional in your life.

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