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Great Holiday Gifts for Successful Women

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 5:06am | by Guest Contributor

The holidays draw ever nearer, and as the big day approaches, mind racing, you think back to last year and how successful you were with your gift giving.  You’ve got a wonderful, successful woman on your hands, and she deserves the best.  Feverishly, you remember how everything was perfect last year:  how much fun you had decorating the tree together, the lull of soft music playing in the background, the expression of joy and wonderment on her face as she pulled the paper off the last present, opened the box, and her face lit up with joy …

This year you feel absolutely stuck.  How are you ever going to recreate that wonderful moment again this holiday season?  For starters, you can ponder these gift suggestions for the successful women in your life:

1) How about a vacation just for the two of you?  The odds are good your sweetheart has to work hard for the success she’s earned.  Show her how much you love and appreciate her by giving her the opportunity to relax and unwind.  Whether you can afford a two-week cruise or even just a weekend away at a fancy hotel or secluded cabin, a vacation after the holidays will be just the (literal) ticket!

2) On that note, you might also consider a day (or weekend) at a local spa.  She’ll love the opportunity to feel pampered with a new hairstyle and a mani-pedi.  If she doesn’t have time, or if you live in a spa-less area, you can purchase spa items, such as lotions, shampoos, or conditioners. 

3) Find her something comfortable after a long day at work.  The holidays themselves are incredibly stressful.  A new robe is something she can wrap up in.  Buy her an expensive blanket and cuddle up with her on the couch or in front of a roaring fire. 

4) Is she a book lover but always on the go?  Or does she love to read in bed but hasn’t had the time to go out and actually shop for a book she loves?  You can help her out by gifting her with an e-reader or an electronic tablet like a Nook or a Kindle and a few e-books.  Or you can buy her a gift card for Amazon or Barnes and Noble and let her choose for herself. 

5) A busy woman on the go needs to stay caffeinated.  Buy her a gift card to her favorite coffee shop (or the one nearest her office).  Pick up a few pounds of her favorite coffee so you can have a cup ready at home for days she isn’t at the office.

6) One of the best holiday gift ideas is a new watch.  Movado offers a series of watches in all styles and price ranges.  You can go sporty, stylish, or simple. 

7) Dinner and a movie. A tried-and-true combination, mix this  up by taking her to a restaurant you two have never visited, and find a film that's light and romantic and can help her relax.

8) A monthly package from any of the monthly "gift-of-the-month" services is a thoughtful reminder. Start her off in December and get the whole year's subscription. You can do this for fruit, cheese, wine, bacon, chocolate, salty snacks, kids' activities, and many more -- find something she likes and splurge for the best. 

9) Cash, cold hard cash. Who doesn't love a crisp hundred-dollar bill or 50 pound note or 20 euros tucked into a thoughtful card? Your lucky lady may like the feeling of having cash in her pocket. Consider getting something special like a bill in a denomination that's not common, like a $2 bill, or something shiny, like golden-hued dollar coins.

10) Massage. Set up some appointments for massage - you could even do couples' massage sessions. Get the lomi-lomi kind, or find someone with a stronger touch if you're seeking more therapeutic benefits. An alternate is a reiki session, acupuncture, or yoga class - all of which are guaranteed to help her feel great.

11) Something on her wishlist. What's on her secret "to-do" list for what she desires? Find out by casually dropping her a hint to consider writing out what she'd like to achieve, purchase, or experience in the next year or two. Then find something on the list and get it for her!

12) Ethical jewelry. Consider a fair trade, recycled metal, ethically created, customized piece of jewelry. A ring, bracelet, or set of earrings is a nice addition to her treasure box, and coming from you, it's even more special. Search for an eco-conscious and conscientious jeweler, such as Tamara McFarland Designs.

Don’t despair.  You’ll be able to combat the pressures of the holiday season by considering one (or more!) of these great gift ideas. 

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