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Great Summer Work Dresses For Your Shape

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 12:35pm | by Jenna Ghosheh

Great Summer Work Dresses For Your Shape

by Jenna Ghosheh


There are 5 basic body shapes.  Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking we can narrow them down to 5.  Find your shape and get tips for flattering dresses to wear to work.

Inverted Triangle

Broad shoulders and narrow hips.

The scoop necks takes attention away from broad shoulders.  The flounce in the skirt (a godet hem skirt) gives shape and body to your hips making you look more proportioned.  Add a colorful necklace for more color or add a tailored blazer if you don’t like to show your arms.


Wider hips and thicker thighs.  Your hips are wider than your shoulder line.

A-line skirts and dresses look the best for this shape. It highlights your waist and minimizes your hips for a more proportional look


A larger middle area. Narrow shoulders and thin legs.

Don’t use the tie belt on this dress and add a blazer and wear it open.  The vertical lines created by the open blazer will take attention away from your larger middle.  Wear a long necklace to further this effect.  


Straight up and down. 

Create the appearance of curves with the tie on the side.  The tie also covers up a little tummy if necessary.  


Shoulders and hips are proportional. Smaller, defined waist.

Show off your shape and emphasize your waist.  Both of these side tuck dresses flatter your curves and have great summer colors and patterns.







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About the Author

Jenna Ghosheh is Silicon Valley’s premiere fashion stylist and founder of Status Image Consulting. As the Ivy-educated style expert to Silicon Valley’s movers and shakers, Jenna expertly marries the current trends of American fashion to the varying body types, style preferences, and ages of her clients, all within the modern Silicon Valley culture. Jenna has previously been featured as an official Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week reporter, a guest lecturer at style events, and as producer and stylist to many Bay Area fashion shows. Visit for more information.



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