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Hey! The Kids Are Asleep! Class Is Starting!

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 3:20pm | by jennaleesmith1

For working moms--those employed inside the home and out--you live a seat-of-the-pants schedule with little predictability day by day. It's a situation with a reasonable amount of time available for bettering yourself, but no way to know when that time will be. Your afternoon can look free and clear…until the stomach virus attacks your kids, spurring a time-burning doctor visit.

For your future, you need to develop skills and experience for great opportunities now and after the kids are in school. Luckily, Texas can be the place and insurance adjusting can be the job, and there are several reasons why.

An Easy Way To Learn

If you had a perfectly predictable schedule and unlimited child care, you'd already be in an 8-to-5 job somewhere. Instead, you may be at home taking care of the kids all day, and working a different shift, or maybe your day is 100% Mom duty. Whatever your calendar looks like, study-at-home courses can get you the needed skills under a time frame that you create.

After completing the course, you're free to hit the job market full-time in that field or pick up work as you want it. You can remain in control of both the home and the workplace.

A Huge Potential Market

Although there are a number of federal regulations pertaining to the insurance industry, the lion's share of regulatory oversight is at the state level. As a result, a bigger state means that a larger number of homes--that is, potential clients--is located in an area where your education has trained you to operate. Texas provides an unusually large base of work for an insurance adjuster. If you live near Dallas, Houston, or any of the other larger cities, you can realize lots of opportunities for work within a modest distance.

Plenty of Potential Events

And of course, the bad news is, the Texas climate contributes to that base. Many of the most notorious sources of home damage are found in Texas. Galveston must always keep a watchful eye on the Gulf for bad news sailing in from the tropics, while other threats exist statewide. A few dry seasons like those we've had lately put us under the gun for brush fires that can scorch a swath of land and homes in a matter of hours. Should a stormy cold front arrive with a reprieve from the drought, we may instead get an outbreak of tornadoes. And even if the winds don't reach that level, we still may have to choke down a flash flood. It seems like earthquakes are about the only natural disaster we can avoid.

The Chance To Be A Superhero

Those events are tragic, but an adjuster is one of the earliest sources of relief from that tragedy. They move in quickly and initiate the process of getting people's lives put back together again. They're the face that will forever mean hope to devastated families. Imagine the agony of seeing your life's efforts of saving, planning and working reduce to a heap of rubble or a smoldering pile of black and gray heartache. Then a car rolls up with a helpful adjuster inside, ready to guide you through your next steps and help you get back on track. Job satisfaction like that is hard to find.

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