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Highest Paying Jobs and the Skills They Require

Thu, 05/14/2015 - 3:25am | by Norah Martin


Who doesn’t like spending money? The tricky part is to earn it of course, and what better way to pull this off then getting a profitable job. This requires training and education, and some jobs involve stressful working conditions. We tend to put up with all ofthat in pursuit for a six-figure salary. And why shouldn’t we? All those years we spent studying and training ought to be worth something.

We have an emergency here

Anesthesiologists and surgeons need to work together to save people’s lives.  Anesthesia is one of the most dangerous parts of any operation, and when the surgeons step in it gets even tougher. These two sit on the throne as the highest paid professionals in the US, with an annual wage of over $230,000.Though the competition is severe, there is also an insatiable need on the market for these professions.

You should keep in mind that this kind of work takes serious dedication and persistence, as well as the ability to cope with stress. And if the five to eight years of internship and residency doesn’t sound too good, maybe you should consider another option. You should also know that even if you don’t decide to be a surgeon, you will have to undergo extensive training, and if the sight of blood makes you queasy, you might want to consider another career. If you have the drive and the stamina, however, a medical career is certainly something to look into.

The wolf of Wall Street

If you take a look at the list of the most lucrative job positions in the U. S, you will note that the chief executive is the first non-medical job to appear on it. On top of the $177,000 per year salary, they can count on various other benefits and perks.

Financial managers are also in the elite club, and the highest paid ones earn more than $180,000 a year. This responsible position involves overseeing the company’s finances, producing financial reports, and making sure the accounting office does its job. Attention to detail can save the day, since even a small mistake can lead to a financial collapse. If you are not good with numbers, or lack the adventurous spirit, you ought to stay away from the highest ranks of the financial world.

Not guilty

Lawyers are falling behind on the list with the annual wage of "just” $113,000. To earn it, you would most likely need five years of experience. Apart from a law degree you would have to also pass your state's bar examination, which is still considered one of the most difficult exams to take.

Hence, watching “The Good Wife” won’t suffice, and you will have to be more than a smooth-talker. Before setting foot in the courtroom and impressing everyone, most lawyers have to get through a truckload of paperwork on their desks. Being a lawyer is also not as flashy as it may seem at first, so having a passion for justice may be required as well.

People and numbers

In a world of advanced technology, computer and information system managers are feeling right at home. Yet, they find themselves more often in a meeting room than in front of the screen. You need good management, communication, and problem-solving abilities to pursue this type of career.

As this illustrative inforgraphic can show you, what you can expect to earn in IT is $60 per hour, so you don’t have to worry about your finances. Considered one of the most lucrative industries to get a foothold in, IT may just be the career of the future, with the rise of AI.

Chasing your dreams

There is no dispute which professions dominate the highest paying jobs list. The trouble is you can't do a top-notch job without an advanced degree. Also, you can’t get it straight out of school, so you need to be prepared to do some internship.The whole ordeal should pay off in the end though. A top-paying job is always a good job, and you deserve nothing less. Of course, if you are looking for a career change, you should never hesitate to chase a top position. Starting out in the trenches does not mean you cannot achieve anything higher. 

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