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How Businesses Can Improve the Efficiency of Their Service Management Teams

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

If you are fortunate enough to be a part of a service management team, then you know that it's a position that is filled with a lot of room for growth and also a high demand for great service. As a form of open-source management, you are working daily to come up with various methods and techniques to make your business work more productively as it relates to both the staff and the customers that you service.

And one of the best ways to be productive is to be efficient.

Within this article, we will explore three main ways that businesses can work to improve the efficiency as it directly relates to their own service management teams. Hopefully, it will provide you with some information that can help your company as well.

Spend some time assessing the current situation. The very definition of efficient is "performing at the best possible manner". Well, before any company can do that, they have to stop and look at what the current conditions of their company looks like. What service providers appear to be mature and/or emerging? What areas within the business could stand to further improve? And when it comes to the areas that do need work, what are the solutions to those problems?

Upgrade your assets. Some businesses are not able to provide stellar service due to the fact that their software and other forms of communication networks are more than 10 years old. How can anyone work efficiently if the equipment is not up to par? By modernizing your service providers, it can end up making you money in the long run because it will increase the amount of revenue that you make while cutting down your various operational costs at the same time. The newer software is, the faster it tends to be. Plus, newer software and networks tend to have more features that can help you to better address more of the specific needs of your clientele.

Be open to expansion. This doesn't necessarily mean adding to the management staff. What this is referring to is not becoming complacent with doing things the same way simply because that's how it's always been done. IT service management is based on a group of people who work in a field of technology. That alone speaks to the fact that they are in a field that is ever-growing and expanding. However, growth can't happen just with the influence of technology alone. It also requires some very savvy and innovative business minds as well. You must be able to come up with ways to further engage the customer, while spending as little money as possible, so that you can earn a greater profit. You can do this by conducting some quarterly research on competitive markets. You can do this by consulting with your staff. You can do this by sending questionnaires to your customers and vendors. You can do this by test running some of the ideas that are presented. There are a lot of ways that you can grow. You just have to remember that if efficiency is the priority, then plans must be implemented that are both satisfactory and profitable. If you're open to doing whatever will bring that end result, you're already well on your way to finding some long-term solutions.

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