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How to End Your Year on a High Note

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by bweaversmith

We are starting the last week of October, and I keep hearing business women talk about the upcoming holidays in November and December, with the thought that no business gets done during this time of the year.

Well, if you've had a challenging year, as most entrepreneurs have had, maybe you don't want to give up your last two months of business development and sales because of a few holidays!

Truth is most businesses are open, most people are working, most business still gets done during "the holidays."  It's more our mindset about this time of year than an actual fact that we have to deal with.

So here are my best tips to get business sold and delivered during November and December and to start your new year with a great attitude and a feeling of accomplishment!

  1. Set specific goals for November and December.  You can have a sales and revenue goal, a number of contacts goal, an online activity goal, a project goal--whatever it takes to keep you focused on doing business.
  2. Book appointments NOW.  It is true that people will have more activities coming up, especially in December.  There will be office holiday parties, children's school events, and shopping trips,  so don't wait until their calendar is a challenge.  Call now and book a serious round of calls that will keep you active throughout the end of year months.
  3. Make your calendar plans now.  Schedule time for shopping, preparing holiday meals, or entertaining so as not to interfere with your business plans.

The more control you exercise now, the more time you will have for business (as well as holidays) and the more focused you will become on finishing your business year on a high note.

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Barbara Weaver Smith


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