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How to Ensure Your Job Security

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

These days, hanging onto a good job can be a dicey proposition.  Layoffs are ongoing, unemployment is on the rise, and despite assurances by the government that things are turning around, the job market does not seem to be improving.  Because of this, many people are willing to do more to hold onto their jobs, including taking up the slack for positions that have been eliminated (less employees doesn’t always mean less work) and working longer hours without commensurate compensation.  But you don’t necessarily need to give up your life in order to keep your job.  By simply being a good employee, you can secure your place at the company you work for.  Here are just a few ways to make yourself indispensable.

1.  Be professional.  If you want to avoid the wrong sort of attention around the office, you should take steps to remain professional at all times.  This means dressing appropriately, keeping your workspace clean, staying away from office romances, and of course, leaving your personal business at home where it belongs.  Don’t let others get you riled and never, never lose your temper or take out a bad mood on coworkers.  By remaining pleasant, polite, and professional at work, you won’t give anyone a reason to think less of you.

2.  Know your role.  Doing the bare minimum required of you may have been enough to skate by before, but with jobs at a premium and employers getting the pick of the litter, you might have to do more.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to work late nights and weekends indefinitely, but you definitely have to give 110% where your duties are concerned.  Deliver exceptional work on time and you’ll ensure that you’re at the top of the list of keepers when layoffs roll around.

3.  Become an asset.  Proving your worth over and over can be tough, but it starts with doing what’s asked of you.  Of course, you needn’t allow employers to abuse you, but you should do everything you can to show them that you’re a team player.  So pick up the slack when required to keep your value fresh in the minds of your bosses.

4. Make yourself available.  If you’re worried about job security, it may be because you have little work on your plate at the moment.  If you think it’s possible that you might need to move to another group within the company at some point, it would behoove you to solidify relationships with other teams.  So skip the Facebook updates when you have down time and see if you can help anyone else with their overload.  Then remind them of your hard work if the time comes to make a lateral move.

5. Toot your own horn.  Too many people make the mistake of assuming that their bosses will remember all their hard work when it comes time for someone’s neck to fall on the chopping block.  Unfortunately, the corporate world tends to breed a “what have you done for me lately” mentality.  So keep your successes fresh in your employer’s mind when reviews come around; hopefully the company will realize that they can’t afford to lose you.

Breana Orland writes for Asset protection labels where you can find custom security labels and stickers.

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