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How to Get Clients by Building your Email List, Part Four

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by suekasson

We have been discussing just how you go about building a list. Building a list comes down to four steps:   

  1. Targeting an audience.
  2. Getting targeted traffic.
  3. A targeted offer.
  4. Targeted follow-up

Today we will finish this series by discussing targeted follow-up. Follow-up is about the relationship. This is actually where all the money is made. A lot of people will teach you, “Okay, the money’s made in the follow-up and you’ve got to hammer them. You’ve got to just hammer them. Every day you're hammering them, hammering them, hammering them, hammering them, and hammering them with email.” Totally, totally wrong. That’s not how you build a relationship.

You need to constantly remind yourself by asking a question: why did your people sign up for your list in the first place? If they signed up for information on how to improve their dating skills, you can’t really send them make-money information. It’s has to be good content on relationships. It’s got to be about things that are related to why they signed up with you in the first place.

If you just thought about it from the standpoint of how you would like to be treated. Just ask yourself “How would you like to be treated if you joined this list?” and that will often give you the answers that you're looking for.

The next items you should be thinking of are:

  1. What info do your people want?
  2. What continuing information needs do they have?
  3. Where can you buy it or borrow it, as far as the information goes?
  4. How frequently should I send them information?

You can learn what info and continuing information needs your audience have by creating a survey and asking them “What is your biggest problem in relation to ….?” And fill in that blank with the problem you solve for your clients. Surveys are a great way to know what information your targeted audience needs.

And when I say buy information for your audience, you can purchase Private Label Rights information to create your free gift or to write articles. You can also borrow information in that you can find all kinds of articles on directories, as long as you keep the bio box intact. You can even borrow from your own information products.

Last but not least, frequency is very important. A lot of things go into determining how often and how much you actually follow-up with people when you're building a list. You need to ask yourself things like: 1) Who else are they getting email from? 2) How many other people potentially are they getting email from; 3) How much information are they being able to absorb? And 4) How can I space mine out so that they look forward to it rather than feeling like, “Oh, my, gosh, here comes another email from her?”

Let me tell you that when a subscriber starts getting in the habit of actually erasing your email, deleting your email, you're in trouble. You’ve got a problem because, in my opinion, nothing is worse than somebody being in the habit of seeing your name and your email address and automatically hitting the delete key each and every time. I would rather have them unsubscribe than be in the mental habit of saying, “I can look at this email later,” or “I can just delete this.”

So, that’s the main process that you go through, as far as building a list:

  • You target an audience.
  • You know all this good stuff about them.
  • You know that you're able to get traffic.
  • You drive them to a targeted offer.
  • You follow up.

By being patient and following this process, you will build a strong and responsive email list which will bring you income and clients for the long run.

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