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How to Get Clients by Building your Email List, Part Two

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by suekasson

We have been talking about the best ways to build your email list. The 4 steps are:   

  1. Targeting an audience.
  2. Getting targeted traffic.
  3. A targeted offer.
  4. Targeted follow-up

We have already discussed how to target your audience and learning all about them. Today we will talk about targeted traffic.

You could spend lots of money on a course about targeted traffic, but I will tell you, as far as list building, your absolute best way to build a list is by driving traffic to an opt-in page with a free gift on your website, have your own product or service listed on the website and to have affiliates (business partners) help you send traffic to that opt-in page.

If you want to make money and build a list, ultimately, you’ve got to have your own product or service that other people want to promote to make money. So, you’ve got to have a good service and/or product to start with. And it doesn’t have to be the greatest thing on the face of the earth. It just has to be something that fits a need for your target audience.

So, your own service or product, with help from some business affiliates, and driving traffic to an opt-in page with a free gift is absolutely your best way to build up a list.

The next best way to drive traffic to an offer is with articles. The problem with articles is that, for a large part, they are more of a long-term strategy, and you're not going to get rich writing only one article. You can, however, do very well writing one article a week. Articles are a great long-term, steady way to get traffic.

Remember, it’s much more meaningful for people who are in your target audience to pass your content on to other people who are in your target audience. Because if they are not part of your target audience, it doesn’t really do you that much good. You’ve got to target your audience and you’ve got to know how you're going to get targeted traffic.

Those are the fundamentals of solid list building. Stay tuned for the next step in building an email list, having a targeted offer.

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