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How to Improve Your Brand Perception

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 11:26am | by Guest Contributor

The idea of creating a brand image is not as nebulous and uncertain as it may seem.  In truth, you probably have a pretty good notion of what your company is about and what you want the public to know about you.  So creating an identity that becomes associated with your brand is pretty simple to control, as long as you actually take the steps necessary to manage your public image. 

However, a failure to take consumer perception into account could result in negative associations with your brand in the eyes of the public.  So if you end up needing to overhaul your brand identity, here are just a few ways to improve the way potential customers perceive you.

First you need to be aware of the complaints that people have about your company.  If you have a customer service department, read through call logs to find out what consumers dislike about your products or services.  If you don’t have a customer service department, you’ve already uncovered one glaring error in your operation.  Search for media tidbits relating to your company; perhaps you have received poor product reviews or an ex-employee did an exposé on the miserable working condition within your company.  It’s important to know what both consumers and the media are saying about you if you want to turn things around.

Now you need to address the issues that are holding you back.  If morale is low because of company policies that are unfair to workers, perhaps you should find ways to keep your employees happy and turn them into brand ambassadors.  People that love their jobs won’t need to be prodded to say the right thing rather than complaining in a very public manner.  And adopt a 100% satisfaction guarantee where consumers or clients are concerned.  These are the people that keep you in business, so ensuring their happiness with your products or services is of paramount importance.

Once you have started to turn around the major problems within your organization, you can begin to deal with the media.  Although reviews can’t be bought, the fact that you’re improving your company from the inside out, making quality and customer service a priority, should help to portray you in a better light right off the bat.  But you can’t just rest on your laurels; you need to hustle for good press.  Grease the wheels by sending products out for review.  While it’s illegal to bribe reviewers by sending gifts, you can graciously offer to let them give away the products to their readership once they have finished their review.  This may not net you the best press, but it has the potential to bring in more business (as readers or listeners vie for your giveaways, learning your name in the process).

Of course, you may also want to consider a new logo.  If your old one is associated with negative perceptions, perhaps it’s time to overhaul the symbol of your company along with your operations.  Logo design online ordering makes it easy for you to punch in your requirements and have a graphic artist create your logo.  And while some people may feel more comfortable communicating with a real person, others will enjoy the ease of use that online logo sites provide.  A professional designer is a must, though, if you want to create a logo that is fitting to take your brand into a new and prosperous era.

Breana Orland is a contributing writer for LogoMojo, where you can create the perfect logo design for your business. Click here for more information on LogoMojo. 

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