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How to Plan a Wedding While Working Long Hours

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

For most women, planning a wedding is both a stressful and enjoyable time in their lives. But how, in a 9-5 world, can you keep your wedding from taking over your life? For those of us with a full time job, other than wedding planning, the task can be quite daunting. You can plan a fabulous wedding with many of your own personal touches, even while working long hours.


Being a bride means you get to tell people what to do, sometimes. When your bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law, and fiancé ask you, “What can I do to help” tell them! Too many brides get stuck stressing out about every little detail when they could’ve enlisted the help of their friends and family. Need 100 hearts cut out for place settings? Get your fiancé to do it, while men may not be creative and artsy, they can all cut along the dotted line. Pass off simple, but time consuming tasks that you don’t have to be involved in. That way you can focus on the things that really do need your attention.


Treat your wedding like you would your job. Organize your to do list into high and low priority and keep track of what needs to be done when. Staying on schedule and ticking off to do items keeps you sane and prevents a month before the wedding meltdown. You can buy wedding planning journals at just about any bookstore, or find them online for free. Even just a simple pen and paper to do list marked with dates is enough to keep you from going crazy.


Brides are faced with an overwhelming amount of information and ideas about their wedding. Don’t try to do it all! Too many women are stressed out and worn out come their wedding day because of a heap of DIY wedding projects. Choose only a few that you really want, and leave the others. No one is going to be disappointed if you decided not to hand write all of the place cards and printed them on the computer instead.  Keep your projects small and don’t take on too many.

Get Help

If you find that you just can’t do it all, consider hiring a wedding planner. Sure this can be costly, but if you can afford it and your job keeps you from doing it all yourself, this could be a good option. Choose someone who is going to let you make the decisions and carry them out for you. Be sure you are comfortable saying, “No” to this person or it could end up being the wedding of their dreams. If you don’t have the money for a full time wedding coordinator, many planners have different options, such as wedding day coordinators and planners who simply assist in certain areas, like arranging wedding favors.

Keep an open mind during the wedding planning process and try not to get bogged down by details. The more organized you are the better the process will be. Remember that your wedding is about you, not your guests. Talk to other busy brides in the wedding forums on your favorite bridal sites like or and get ideas or just vent about problems you’re having. Whatever you do, remember to enjoy it!

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