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How Your Fashion Choices Can Help or Hinder Your Career Success

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 12:28pm | by Guest Author

Your personal fashion makes a statement and how you dress can contribute to your success. Your style can reflect the way you handle your responsibilities at work and how you build your relationship with your clients or colleagues. If you think you’re not getting enough credit for your work, maybe you should reconsider the way you dress.

Observe the successful people around you and see how they present themselves. They may just wear simple top, blazer, straight cut pants and chic ankle boots but they look so good you can’t help but admire them. Their simple ensemble speaks of authority, energy and respect and that translate into great working relationships. It doesn’t really mean that you should be a copycat but wearing something that has the same impact can greatly benefit the way people see you at work.

Getting your dream job
Applicants for a job may handicap themselves by not giving much thought to what they wear. The moment you step inside the room, an interviewer can tell how badly you want the job just by the way you dress and present yourself. Choose clothing that’s comfortable yet professional and allows you to be confident. There’s nothing worse than wearing the too-tight suit that makes you squirm through the entire interview or the too-short skirt that you keep yanking down as you try to convince your prospective employer you’re the right person for the job. Also make sure you’re clothes are neat. Rumpled clothing always makes a poor first impression.

Getting a Promotion
Your performance, company loyalty and leadership are important factors in career advancement, but your everyday appearance may also determine whether you get to climb the corporate ladder. Your fashion statement determines your confidence and professionalism so if you’re thinking of getting a promotion, dress like you deserve it.

Wearing clothes that reveals your cleavage can also hamper your chances on getting a promotion. Elizabeth Squires, the author of the book Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls, warns that too much cleavage may cause an employee to end up being perceived as sexual instead of professional. Focus on your other assets and keep the cleavage covered.

Building Relationship with Officemates
Dressing up is one thing, but being over-the-top trendy may alienate you from the rest of team. Who wouldn’t feel uncomfortable working with a supermodel office mate who wears fancy ankle boots, miniskirts and leather jacket at work right? Wear something that fits into the culture of your organization and keep it as professional. You are there to work and not to impress your officemates, anyway.

Let’s just say that the nature of your work allows you to be more fashion forward when it comes to your office attire. In this case you are freer to express your creative side and to wear something that fits your personal choice. Nonetheless, you should still consider the people you’re working with, your job and the comfort of desired clothes. It’s definitely much easier to accomplish anything with the right kind of dress.

About the Author:

Scarlett Lee Rios is a fashion writer and blogger for where you can buy a wide variety of women's fashion clothing, boots, bamboo shoes and accessories at affordable prices who lives in Fullerton, California. She is also doing part-time modeling for almost four years now. 

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