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Inforgraphic: Women CEO salaries still lag behind their male counterparts

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 1:58pm | by Helen Hoart

 This post is from Motif Investing,an online broker offering innovative online investing and  stock trading services to turn ideas and global trends into investment opportunities. Motif allows individuals to invest in specific themes, or “motifs,” which are professionally built portfolios containing up to 30 stocks that reflect real-world ideas and investing strategies 

As life at the corporate top goes, women have come a long way — but has it been far enough? That’s a question that intrigued Motif Investing, which created an infographic titled “Women CEOs — Myths and Messages From the Top” to illustrate the current state of female executives. For example, while the number of female CEOs is on the rise in Fortune 1000 companies, the average female CEO still earns only 33 cents for every dollar the average male CEO makes.

For more myths and reality-checks, as well as advice for all working women from the country’s most powerful female business leaders, see the infographic below:


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