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Leadership Training and Coaching: A Necessary Executive Coaching Program

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Jeffrey Sooey

Conducting executive coaching offers a number of options not only for the clients but also for the life coach himself. Leadership training and coaching is already a broad spectrum that one can definitely work on. Even with the basic concepts and aspects of this coaching program, one can already help a client change his current situation from ordinary to great.

Executive Coaching: Be Part of Your Clients’ World to Make Evident Change

Each one of us has our own worlds. We have our own specific language, beliefs, and rules in terms of our decisions and actions. As a life coach, one should be able to enter into the world of a client but still maintain his own. This is especially true if your client is not capable of understanding your own mindset or is not willing to understand it. To be able to appropriately conduct leadership training and coaching, you must be able to integrate different worlds in a conversation.

How to Discover A Way Into a Person’s World

We often don’t want to go too deep into a person’s world. However, as an executive coaching practitioner, it is your duty to change as much of the person’s perspective and ideas. To do so, it would require your engagement in a deeper manner. You need to get into the person’s world to be able to influence him more. Once you are there, you can even influence him to get into your world. With that, you will be able to see his perspective and he will also be able to understand where you are coming from. Seeing things eye to eye will help you assist your client in the process.

An Executive Coaching Skills that Lets You In On Your Client’s World

It is a common notion that listening and understanding a client or any other person is sufficient to get into his world. But the case is not sufficient especially if you want to get into his world and see the principles and ideas that work in it. That involves not only perceiving things but perceiving things according to their point of view. That is the real way to be in a person’s frame of mind. However, you should keep in mind that doing beyond that can be detrimental to you and to your client. Going too far may cause you to act and think as your client does. That may mean not seeing the problems or solutions as they are currently experiencing as well. So take caution in your actions. Be there but be fair. Fair in a way that you can separate yourself to your client’s world to see what lies beyond what he sees.

As the executive coach, it is your right and responsibility to keep in touch with your clients in a manner that goes beyond your own world. You have the capability to do so because of the leadership training and coaching skills you have gone through. Continue on conducting meaningful executive coaching sessions and you will be able to see how you can improve your skills and benefit your clientele.

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