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Is a Long Commute to Work a Deal Breaker?

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

Many successful women are feeling the pinch of America’s prolonged economic slump more than their male counterparts simply because of the nation’s outmoded corporate culture. As such, today’s modern businesswoman is continually confronted with difficult decisions regarding their career paths and life ambitions. With a majority of large companies and corporations restructuring their organizations, shifting employees to various sectors and downsizing in an effort to maximize efficiency, successful women are increasingly being asked to make crucial choices regarding their careers. One of the most common dilemmas facing successful women in the business world is the prospect of taking on an assignment which will entail a longer commute to work.

If your boss has recently requested that you accept a position which requires a longer commute, you will have many factors to consider while reaching your conclusion. In more prosperous economic times you may have simply elected to decline the position if a longer commute was a personal deal breaker. Perhaps your concern for the environment precludes you from driving long distances every morning, or you may just prefer your current living situation to the alternative. In any event, the absence of pressing financial concern once allowed you to make the choice that would ultimately make you happiest. Unfortunately, this luxury has vanished in the wake of widespread economic downturn and today’s successful women must adapt to the current situation in order to survive.

The era we live in today, however, is the antithesis of prosperity and many successful women will find that accepting a position with a longer commute has become a matter of practicality. Simply put, if a company of corporation has retained your services through the bulk of the recession and you are fortunate enough to still have gainful employment, you should consider yourself to be extremely lucky. Thousands of woman around the country have fallen victim to the corporate downsizing and belt tightening which necessarily follows every recession, and these women have far more pressing concerns today than the length of their commute. If you have survived the recent recession with your career intact, you are obviously a savvy and capable woman, one who knows the value of a secure and steady job. Turning down a relocation offer or an assignment to another branch within your company because of the resulting commute is not a wise choice.

The length of your commute should not be considered a deal breaker when your career prospects hang in the balance. By showing that you are dedicated to your company and are willing to go the extra mile, you will further secure your job while also positioning yourself for future promotion and advancement. It is important to think about a decision such as this in an optimistic light, so try to remind yourself that your company is showing trust in your abilities by asking you to accept greater responsibility. Doing so will make a longer commute bearable while allowing you to focus fully on your career goals and personal ambitions.

Breana Orland writes for Kanetix where you can find an automobile insurer to meet your needs.

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