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Looking Polished at Work - The Power of Shapewear

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Jenna Ghosheh

By Jenna Ghosheh, Founder of Status Image Consulting

The most common problem with my female clients is ill-fitting undergarments.  Here is a secret that will change the way how you feel and how clothes look on you -- shapewear!

There are several different types of shapewear that help accentuate and de-accentuate various areas.  The most important piece that you can use with your work attire is a shapewear tank.  It works well as a layering piece for clingy blouse materials, like silk, to hide any bumps or jiggle in your stomach area as well as the back area.  Bras can sometimes create unwanted rolls in the back, and a special undergarment tank helps conceal it.

Another bonus of wearing a tank is that is covers your chest area.  Most button up blouses don’t have enough material for larger busted women which creates buckling and pulling on button seams.  It can pop open and be inappropriate for work.  Instead of throwing out the blouse, use a shapewear tank.  It will help hold everything in, and let’s say there is some “poppage” while you’re doing a presentation.  You won’t have to worry because the tank has got you covered.

Photo Credit: Yummie Tummie Girlfriend Tank
Jenna Ghosheh is the founder and lead personal fashion stylist at Status Image Consulting.  The agency is headquartered in San Jose, CA and serves Silicon Valley as well as San Francisco and its surrounding areas.  Clients use our services for:

  • Dress for professional advancement (promotions)
  • Look your best for interviews
  • Update your style
  • Coordinate outfits successfully
  • Look more attractive
  • Dress for special events
  • Build your confidence through appearance

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