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Manage Your Inbox with Email Archiving

Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Dell LE Blogger

Working In A Large Corporation Equals Email Overload

When you are an executive in a large corporation, managing copious amounts of email is part of your job description. You must keep track of tasks, know which projects are in process and respond in a timely manner to ensure your clients and coworkers get the information they need. Archiving old email is practically a necessity in order to effectively work with the remaining, current email that is flowing into your inbox. Email archiving is a government requirement for some industries, but even if you do not work in finances, law, health or in some other government regulated capacity, email archiving can help you successfully manage your online communications.

Email archiving is beneficial for many different companies, and it helps you stay organized when your day is already booked. In addition to saving you time, it will free up some space on your server and your IT team will thank you for speeding up the internal processes this way. By archiving your email, you also have a documented trail of communication between you and your clients, and you never know when you will need that.

If you work for a larger corporation, then your email archiving will have to be done through the company you work for, rather than just through your individual email platform. When you go through an organized system, your emails will be searchable within minutes—which especially helps when you need to find information regarding a specific project long after you have moved onto the next thing.

When you start implementing email archiving into your business, you have to have the cooperation of three departments: your IT department, your legal department and your HR department. Email archiving stores sensitive data, so you need to ensure that you do things properly, and these three departments can work together to make sure that only the right people have access. This data can be archived for a variety of platforms (such as your computer, your mobile phone and more), so it works hand in hand if your company does any cloud computing. These three departments can also make sure that your program is in government compliance and they can make sure individuals have the proper training on how to use it.

Your work is stressful and busy, but your email doesn’t have to be if you have the right system in place to succeed.


The author writes about a range of technologies for large  enterprise business units which include cloud computing securities, virtual servers and other infrastructure solutions. These products and services along with email archiving can reduce management costs and create a flexible infrastructure

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