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Fri, 11/09/2012 - 4:26pm | by Guest Contributor

Some of the wisest inventions that are made as it relates to business and commerce are the ones that play a direct role in making people's lives easier. Just think about it. Do people go through fast food restaurants because the food is four-star or because they don't feel like cooking and it's easier to go through a lane to get lunch or dinner in under five minutes? Do people love the clothes at Target over the more high-end shops or is it that it's an easier way to pick up a couple of tops along with some toiletries and cleaning supplies?

So, in thinking along this theme, the premiere of what is known as the "Manicube" is an absolutely brilliant concept. Basically, what mobile detailing businesses are to cars, the Manicube is to women as it relates to their nails. It's a company that official launched in Manhattan last month that focuses on delivering manicures directly to people at their office.

How it works is that before you call to set your appointment, you need to get seven other people who want a manicure (and can pay for those services that day). Once you have that amount, employers of Manicube will arrive to give you (and them) a professional manicure in 15 minutes. An added bonus is that the cost is only $15 plus $1 of the fee goes to aid other women entrepreneurs through the non-profit organization, KIVA (

This ingenious idea is thanks to a woman by the name of Katina Mountanos and it was actually birthed out of personal experience. As a business woman who would oftentimes find herself attending meetings with nails that we less than attractive, she wanted to create a way for women-on-the-go to be able to upkeep their nails while still being able to stick with their daily schedule.

So, Mountanos hired six people who were willing to work part-time. One of the main criteria for landing the job was that they had to be able to do manicures (consistently) under 15 minutes . A huge benefit for the ones who were hired is that they are paid substantially more than manicurists who work in salons due to the fact that their appointments are guaranteed.

Manicube is already doing so well in the nail care field that the people that Mountanos has already hired are getting more hours and she, along with her business partner and the co-founder of the company, Liz Whitman, is already talking about expanding the company to other cities due to its high demand. They are also looking to go beyond manicures and into the areas of eyebrow grooming and massages as well.

If you're wondering how you'll be able to find them, they are in the process of building a mobile-friendly website that will have apps for both iPhones and Androids so that you can book your appointment both quickly and efficiently.

Amazing, is it not? All of this from sitting one day and thinking, "How can I make a woman's life easier?" And from that simple thought, a booming business was born. Let this be an inspiration to us all. McDonald's, Target and Manicube all had to start somewhere, right? And just look at where they are now; not thinking of what might work, but making things happen in way that services us and makes money for them. Again, absolutely brilliant.

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