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Mastering a Balance: Life, Work, and Pursuit of Happiness

Wed, 06/25/2014 - 10:47am | by jennaleesmith1

Do you feel like you’re doing the same the humdrum tasks day in and day out? If you do it, may be time to consider your options including getting an advanced degree,. Today, an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is good to have, but with the country still struggling economically  those degrees don’t have quite the edge they once did. Instead, to help with the balance of your professional and personal self, it could be a good time to go back to school to pursue a master’s degree.

Sure, it may not be the right time to somehow squeeze more schooling into your day-to-day activities, but remember the benefits-- a resume that pops from the page and grabs the attention of that next recruiter. When the cap and tassel are tossed into the air after the commencement ceremony, you’ll bust open the door of opportunity and grab the gold. Be it financial gold or earning a heart of gold, with college out of the way, you can pursue your wildest dreams.

If you really like to help people, consider a master’s degree in clinical social work. That could  help you land a career as a medical social worker. Social workers learn about their client’s needs and conditions and assist them in navigating the health and financial system. As citizens, we’re well aware of the hardships the healthcare system can place on ourselves and other families. A career in the field of social work is not only rewarding financially, but altruistically as well. You’ll feel better in your work. Healthcare social workers are projected to grown 34% by 2020, with a median salary of nearly $50,000.

Artistically- and digitally-inclined students  could consider a career in graphic design. Graphic designers can work independently, as freelance contractors, or as employees of a design firm. There are also plenty of employers who seek in-house designers to boost their logos or imagery online and in print. According to CBS News Money Watch, simply having a master’s degree in graphic design could boost your earning potential to 20% more than what bachelor’s degree holders make.

If you’re  more interested in the journey of attaining your master’s, rather than the financial reward, then you may consider pursuing a career in the arts. “The arts” encompasses so much more than art history, fashion design, and music studies. In fact, some people seek a deeper meaning within religion. Theology is an arts-based discipline. 

A seminary school in Michigan offers many advanced degrees for students who want to perfect their knowledge of the bible and Christianity. There are thirty-one colleges of theology in the Great Lakes state. You can either attain your master’s degree there, or perhaps seek employment as an instructor if you’ve earned your certificate elsewhere.

The media and jobs reports often talk about the “best degrees” and the “worst degrees”. Typically, they’re speaking about money. A master’s degree that lands you a lucrative job doesn’t necessarily create happiness. Sometimes happiness seems out of our grasp. The old saying goes: “Money doesn’t by happiness.” It’s true.  Understanding what’s important to you and pursuing that dream is what will bring happiness. 

It’s entirely possible to land a job you love, and  one that also pays well. And remember, it is still all about balance—balancing your financial needs with your personal goals and your home life. It’s when we’re in balance that we can find happiness, fulfillment and peace.

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