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Fri, 08/08/2014 - 10:57am | by jennaleesmith1

Stormy Simon's rise through the ranks at seems like a corporate fairy tale in the making, but the no-nonsense president of the popular shopping site attributes her success to the 'school of hard knocks'. She grew up in the small town of Tooele, UT and bounced from one job to the next before joining the ranks at in the early 90s. Simon has been a leading business professional who has changed the world of online retailing through her personable approach and professional acumen.

Her-story, a History in the Making

In the beginning, Stormy (yes that is her real name) started out as a sales agent with, working the business to business angle. By 2003, she had participated in the creation of the book, music, video, and game department as well as wrote and produced several of's television commercials. This led Stormy to star in several of the ads herself. Soon she moved on to manage the entire advertising sector. By 2007, Simon managed to completely overhaul the customer service experience, helping the department achieve a #2 overall rating for online US retailers. rewarded Simon's hard work by moving her into the role of Chief Marketing Officer in 2009.

Her Personal Touch

As the face of, Simon defied the trends when it was common for most major companies to use gimmicky cartoon characters and puppets to sell their wares. She also showed the world that she is as personable as she is professional. Attracting a small, yet faithful social media following, Simon is known for her engaging tweets where she talks about everything from her daily activities at to her travels and even some health and beauty tips from time to time.

Back to Basics

Stormy Simon's rise through the ranks at was achieved through concentrated intent. She cites some of her inspirations as being her mom and Erin Brokovich, saying that she admires their work ethic. She attributes her success to simplicity and to being genuine in her approach. Currently residing in Utah, Stormy is a single mom who lives on a farm with several animals and enjoys the 'simple pleasures' of life.

Philanthropic Approach

With the help of Simon, has recently come out in support of foundations such as the Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit that provides resources to wounded veterans and their families. In a crowning achievement, Stormy Simon and recently announced their initiative to promote pet adoptions directly through their website. Simon and Dr. Patrick Byrne, the current CEO of, formally released a video on the company's YouTube channel discussing the ability that customers now have to adopt rescue pets on

Since her modest beginnings at in the 90s, Stormy Simon certainly has made an impact. Considering her humble roots, it may be of no surprise that she has inspired so many along the way. Stormy has been named 'Woman of the Month' by online publications such as Despite controversy regarding her early life, Simon has achieved success in ways that some others only imagine possible. Stormy Simon is a woman on a mission, and she appears to be just getting started.

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