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Products Every Super Mom Needs to Make Life Easier

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 12:31pm | by Helen Hoart

Between kids and work it's easy for moms to get caught-up in the demands of everyday life and forget to take care of themselves. Although there is no easy-button in life, there are some products that make like easier and happier.

The Perfect and Prepped Mom Car

A great mom car is safe, functional, spacious, and fun to drive. Two vehicles renown for embodying all of these qualities are that Honda Pilot and the Buick Enclave. According to, the Honda Pilot "represents a good automobile from a respected maker" and is known for reliability. The SUV starts at $29,520 and is equipped with advanced safety features, functional interior space and DVD players for the kids.

If you're looking for a more luxury vehicle, the Buick Enclave is a long-standing family vehicle. The 2013 Enclave starts at $36,945 and features its smart-slide interior car seat that allows the owner to move seats in many ways to accommodate cargo. Like the Pilot, the Enclave is known for safety. One of its standout features is the industry first front-center airbag.

A Clean and Organized Life

Start with small details, like keeping the nitty gritty out of the nooks and crannies; and extend that philosophy to every part of your life, like managing your personal finances.

Keep life clean with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They truly live up to what they are marketed to be—magic! These wonders work on any surface: sink, bathtub, door, wall, etc. They are easy to use; just add water. No leaks or spills with this product.

Keep life organized with a grip on your credit score. Read our product review our of, which is a free credit monitoring and financial organizing tool.

A Relaxed Demeanor

Make life easier with a happier and more beautiful you. Beautiful sheets, a spa-quality robe and slippers, essential oil candles and a pair of sexy pajamas can work wonders on stressful day. Maintain "me time" as a mom. Make the bedroom a little slice of heaven and splurge on some of these relaxation must-haves. You'll be amazed how the extra 20 minutes or so of self-pampering a night will restore your wellness in the morning.

A Beautiful Appearance

Time is a major reason moms often neglect taking the extra time in the morning for self-prep. A study by Working Mother found that 48 percent of working mothers and 42 percent stay-at-home moms they don't do enough to take care of themselves. You are definitely not alone. Luckily, products like McKenna's Style & Go Hair Care Valet and Oscar Blandi's dry shampoo are available for moms in a hurry.

The Hair Care Valet keeps everything you need organized and ready, while dry shampoo keeps hair looking fresh if you have to skip the shower. Pinch Provisions'  Shemergency Kit is a great tool to keep with you that comes packed with 25 beauty musts to keep you fresh no matter what comes your way.

If you've been skipping workouts, Spanx help contour your body to a more desired shape in dresses, pants and just about everything—we love them! 

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