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Put Your Busywork on Autopilot

Fri, 03/21/2014 - 1:37pm | by Lpaho13

Women today are busier than ever. Most of the time, you wish there were two of you just to keep up with all the things on your To Do list. The more successful you become, the more you feel like you need a personal assistant to keep your days in order. While a personal assistant or clone may not be the practical solution to the busy life you lead, technology has presented a few interesting options to help you manage your life, monitor your family and keep your busy schedule flowing.

A Slew of Mobile Apps to Consider

Dropbox offers a phone app that lets you take important files anywhere you need to go. This app, which is available for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad, allows you to edit files and share them with family and friends from your mobile device.

Many companies that provide home security systems have apps that allow you to monitor and even arm or disarm your system remotely from your mobile device. will help you manage your personal finances. By recording all of your purchases, keeping track of any financial goals you may have, and syncing all of your accounts, you will have a fuller understanding of your finances. even notifies you when you get a finance charge, and emails savings tips.

ShopSavvy can save you time and money. Scan barcodes of the items you like with your mobile phone and it will compare prices locally and online to find the best deal for the exact product.

Make a Note of Evernote

Evernote is a free program that can be used on your mobile devices as well as your computer. The beauty of this program is that it allows users to save anything and everything that captures their attention.

You can save things you see, hear, or even think. It allows you to take notes when they come to mind and then find them later. You can keep grocery lists, ideas for work, and great recipes you've come across safe for a time when you're ready to put them to use for you and you can access them from any computer or mobile device.

Let Google Calendar Help

Busy is the operative word for today's successful woman. You're always on the go! Now, Google Calendar makes it easier than ever before to keep your day on-track. Record the information and it syncs with all your devices where a Google account is enabled instantly.

You can even share information with people in a certain group so they see the events you've placed on your calendar. You can have separate groups for work, family, personal, organizations you belong to, etc. You see all the information in a central location and share according to the group you specify.

It's great to be a thoroughly modern woman. Arming yourself with the right tools and technology will keep you on-track for even greater success tomorrow and in the future while freeing up a little bit of time today to stop and catch your breath.

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